13 Simple Manners You Should Have In Your Life!


We all have to follow unwritten rules in order to live in a society. Sometimes, we might involuntarily forget about these rules and make mistakes. Here are 13 tiny reminders for a better daily life!

***This article was originally published on Bright Side.

1. Entering your child's bathroom

2. Addressing a teenager you've just met

3. Carrying a shopping bag around

4. Placing the cutlery on your plate

5. Talking in public places

6. Talking on the phone when you are on a date

7. When you are invited to a dinner

8. How to sit when you are wearing jeans

9. Fixing your looks in public

10. What to do with hats when you go inside

11. What to wear inside your home

12. Showing your affection to someone

13. Drying the umbrella after rain

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