etiket 13 Pieces Of Advice For Women To Make Their Lives Easier

> 13 Pieces Of Advice For Women To Make Their Lives Easier

There are lots of helpful tips circulating around when it comes to women. Some tell us to drink 3 liters of water daily, some tell us to put cucumber slices on our face. It mostly becomes obsolete and we get a new set of tips. However, not beauty tips but deeper ideas about life itself have more of an impact on us. It is nothing you don't know already, but we are still going to remind you!

1. Don't forget that it is your life and you should stop trying to make everyone unconditionally happy.

It is awesome to be a good person, but what does it matter if it isn't the real you after a point? Remember: you have your own life.

2. You don't have to be strong, keep yourself from crying, or stand high and tall. Not always.

Who sets the standards anyways? If you feel like crying, go ahead and cry. Same goes with laughing! It is that simple. Don't be trapped into forced roles or expected reactions.

3. Don't make up excuses for those who you believe upset you. If you have any kind of doubt about a person, listen to your hunch and know that you are most likely right.

Stop justifying the actions of the people who hurt you by making up stupid excuses. If someone has hurt you once, you can be sure that it will happen again.

4. Stand up for yourself and for what you think you deserve when faced with injustice. Start with your boss!

Even today, there are still people that can't make peace with the idea of women being in the workplace; but they will have to learn one day. Don't stay silent!

5. Create your fashion style based on your own taste and ideas, and only yours.

You don't have to wear high-heels for anyone. Or if you feel like wearing shorts, go ahead and do that. Who cares what others think?

6. Don't worry about the 'being too old to have a baby' thing everybody is talking about.

Obsessing about this is the worst thing you can do to yourself. You will have a baby when you want to, or not. It's your business only, not anybody else's.

7. You don't have to tolerate people. Start getting rid of those who you are keeping in your life just because you have to.

Somehow we all know at least one such person. If they are really annoying you and wasting your time, just let them go.

8. Don't forgive the men you didn't give birth to.

A woman can only ignore her son's mistake (also depending on the mistake). You don't have to forgive every man that comes into your life. Of course, it depends on what the subject matter is, but don't let yourself be bothered and feel bad about not being forgiving.

9. Earning money will allow you to be more independent and comfortable.

We have all heard the sentence 'Women should be financially independent.' It is very true, but finding a job as a woman isn't that easy. Don't worry about the exact profession. You can wait tables, answer phones, become a CEO or even the president!

10. Don't let your family control you. There is a difference between loving your family and being dependent on them.

Women have a different kind of relationship with their families than men do. Especially the 'little girl' role we have been fed by the society might stick on us even if we don't want it to. Don't live your life for your family, but for yourself!

11. Men mature later than women. Be aware and evaluate accordingly.

Yeah, men aren't like us at all. So if you experience a different attitude against certain events, it probably stems from this. As long as a man doesn't hurt you, you can be more tolerant.

12. It isn't wrong to talk about your expectations in bed. On the contrary, it is quite important to communicate these if you want a happy sex life.

You may be faced with more and more problems if you keep on not talking about it. And why the hell shouldn't you speak up?

13. Anything is possible in life. Don't force yourself to be a person 'with principles.' Do whatever you think is best for you and be at peace with your decisions.

And even if it turns out to be negative, you can still say 'It was my decision,' and own it. Having principles is good, but principles are also not that applicable in real life situations. You have to come up with the best strategy according to the condition you are in at the time. 

Good luck!