13 One Night Stand Games Women Have

> 13 One Night Stand Games Women Have

Are women always disappointed after one night stands? Of course not! We don't know if  Swiss scientists have  researched this, but contrary to popular belief, women also often prefer one night stands. Though this type of relationship seems unplanned, women have a considerable amount of tactics. Let's see what they are.

1. They choose their target carefully.

The most important tactic they have is to choose a man who is not romantic enough to prepare breakfast the next day. Though the guy may seem 'cool', he might be an emotional punk in real life. After finding the right target, the rest is easy. A sexy eyewink is enough to make him lose control.

2. They don't give every bit of detail about themselves

They just tell their names. Not giving too much personal information prevents the woman from being reachable again. Otherwise, the guy might come in like a wrecking ball on all her social media accounts!

3. They learn if the guy is single or not

The first thing they do after meeting is to learn if the guy has a gf or not. The worst case scenerio for them is a ''come home now'' message from a girl. Because they don't want to waste their time, asking a ''how come a guy like you gets to hang out alone?'' question will be more than enough to learn what they want.

4. They seeem interested

When the guy is saying something, they always seem interested - even if what he is saying is boring, which it always is.  They say things like ''really?'' ''no way,' and ''I don't believe that'' and make the guy feel important. Let's admit it, it's hard for a guy to find a girl who is not 'posing'

5. They don't let the appearance fool them

When they choose their target, it has to be a guy worth trying. Appearance might sometimes be misleading. If possible, they try to learn the guy's sexual performance, but if it's a sudden meeting, they try to learn by asking vague questions because a woman doesn't want to sleep with a man who has bad timing. After all, they might have to cuddle and sleep!

6. They seem trustworthy

Even if it's a one night stand, they know every relationship starts with trust, so they listen to your stupidest problems and give you advice. They get their ticket home by saying ''if you want, I could stay with you all night and listen to your problems''

7. They are careful when choosing if it's a home or away game!

While flirting, they are thinking where they will spend the night together. If it's their house, there is a risk of giving away the address, so they choose to go to the guy's house. This way, they can sneak out early in the morning.

8. They care about sincerity and hygiene

They want the guy to care about hygiene just as much as they do. Because they usually choose the guy's house, it's important for them that the houses is clean. They can understand if the guy is clean by checking their hair, clothes and fingernails.

9. They don't sh*t where they eat

If they start talking about common friends, they slowly leave the scene and try another target. It could be their boss's son who they'll hook up with. They are fair enough not to sh*t  where they eat.

10. They don't let the man get drunk

They don't believe the guys who say '' I never get drunk,' so they put a limit on the drinks they buy. After all, they don't want a man puking everywhere, and there is a high risk of dropping the guy off at his house.

11. They don't overdo the compliments

They choose the dose of the compliments wisely because they don't want a man who is gassed up. They don't compliment too much because they don't want a man who falls in love the next day and look at her with smiling eyes.

12. They definitely protect

They don't want any surprises the next day, so they definitely protect. They consider the fact that the guy may not have protection so they carry it with them. None of them want to have a baby whose name is ''onenightstand Jessica''

13. They never want to be the first.

The guy might be a virgin and might be saving it for the love of his life. Having a one night stand with these type of people will probably end up with the man having dreams about a wedding and a house in the country. Because they don't want to deal with these dreams and avoid answering the ''what are we now?'' question, they run away as fast as they can.