13 Magical Facts You Don't Know About Harry Potter


Chris Rankin -aka Percy Weasley- recently attended Leviosa, A Harry Potter con in Las Vegas, and answered many questions from Harry Potter fans. Here are some facts about Harry Potter movies that might have never been heard before!

***This article was originally published on Buzzfeed.

1. One of the biggest problems on the set was to pretend like things were there, even if there wasn't anything.


The set designers found a solution to this problem by tying a tennis ball to a rope. This way, the actors could focus on one point. Rankin adds "Of course things are much more different than year 2000. Things are different now."

2. The time Arthur Weasley asks Harry about the function of the rubber duck was completely improv.

“We did that scene about 13 or 14 times, and every time it was something else,” Rankin said. “Some of it not repeatable.”

3. When they asked Rankin if he took something from the set, he stated that he took Percy's jumper.


“Yeah, I got some phone calls for that one. ‘Have you seen your Weasley jumper? Because we can’t find it.’ So I had to bring it back.”

4. If you look closely to the action scenes in Deathly Hallows, you can spot some killer dance moves!


“Because we were so bored,” Rankin explains.

5. Errol, The Weasleys' owl, once bit Rankin's finger.

When they were shooting for the Burrow scene, Errol bit Percy's finger when he was trying to take an envelope from his mouth.

6. Rankin helped in the audition of Penelope Clearwater


“Asking an awkward 17-year-old ginger guy if he wants to choose a girlfriend,” Rankin laughs. “It was very weird.”

7. The set of the second movie was invaded by so many fans that all of the actors were escorted by security.


“None of that happened during the first film. Maybe a few people showing up to King’s Cross,” Rankin explains. “It was terrifying, but kind of cool.”

8. It is rumored that before Rankin was auditioned for the role of Percy, the role was Sean Biggerstaff's -aka Oliver Wood.


9. Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall) worked with the same stunt double for many years.


“She recognized me when we were working together on Downton Abbey,” Rankin says.

10. Turns out Rankin was very lazy at school.


“The problem was that I was 16, the oldest of the kids. I don’t think they felt a need to tutor me,” Rankin recalls. “I’d sit in my trailer and watch films while my coursework piled up — but no one would ever check up on me. I didn’t do too well in college because of that, I think.”

11. They actually cut a 3-minute long scene of Percy from the first movie.


If read all the books you would know that Peeves is a funny ghost. However he wasn't included in the movies. Rankin believed that he would be great on the screen.

12. Micheal Gambon constantly smoked cigarettes in his Dumbledore costume.


13. Rankin knows the fact that if he was dead instead of Fred, no one would care.

“The impact wouldn’t have been as great,” he says. “Fred is a fun, larger-than-life character, and [Rowling] separated a twin.”

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