13 Fashion Items That Are So Pointless We Want To Sit Down And Cry!


Don’t ever say “who would buy these?” If you at least once visited a women’s clothing section, you might have seen one of these things. And you had a little chat with the imaginary store owner in your head: “One bubble wrap costume and a dinosaur tail, please.”

1. Especially during holidays, women's section can be a bit of a shitshow.


2. WTF is "Obama/Black?"

3. Would you like to look like a human pin cushion, but fluffier? Look no further.

4. How about an outfit that says "I'm fun," "I'm risqué," and "I'm quite possibly sporting a one-way ticket to a yeast infection?"


5. Not to break with tradition, things in the denim department are just as batshit.

6. OR, this SHOULDERLESS JACKET, maybe? 👏👏👏

7. Alternatively, you can just buy this pair of jeans which do have knees, but they're transparent because...who knows...

8. If you can’t wait for your baby to grow old enough to scribble your jeans, here, take this.

9. Oh this is good. This is perfect. 🐉🐉

10. I thought they weren't making bubble wraps anymore. Apparently the fashion industry has taken matters into its own hands.

11. Feeling lonely? Say no more.

12. Who doesn't like cupcakes, right?

13. Or a unicorn.

14. 😰😔

15. Don't throw your small shoes away. Do this.

16. Maybe you've just started to think that this denim tutu is taking things too far...


17. You haven't seen enough. Believe me... 👎👎


18. No shoes too high.

I guess it could always be worse. Way worse...

I guess it could always be worse. Way worse...
I guess it could always be worse. Way worse...

See? You didn't believe me when I said how shitty these were.


Ok. Bye.

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