13 Beauty Mistakes Making You Look Older!

> 13 Beauty Mistakes Making You Look Older!

Until somebody finds the formula for staying young forever, we have to keep on running away from age.

Here are some beauty mistakes you might make with the hopes of looking better, but which make you look older:

1. Exaggerating make-up

Well applied makeup will do wonders, however bad make up will make you look just vile. Try to use as few products as possible and go for simple, but sophisticated make up. It will both be less tiring for your skin and make you look younger.

2. Starting make up without applying any base first

2. Starting make up without applying any base first

Because the foundation that is applied without a primary base doesn't sit well on the face, it causes 'Cakey Face.' Almost every woman knows how horrible it looks.

3. Skipping peeling

3. Skipping peeling

Unfortunately, the importance of peeling is often overlooked. Getting rid of the dead skin is very important for regeneration. You should peel at least 2 times a week, using a product suitable for your skin.

4. Drinking water is vital!

We all know how important drinking water is for our health, but do you know how important it is for your skin? You can moisturize your skin externally all you want. As long as you don't internally back it up, your skin will be faded and matte.

5. You should use sun screen every day!

If there is something more important than moisturizer, it is sun screen. Because it not only moisturizes your skin, but also protects you against the harmful rays of the sun.

By the way, you should not only use sun screen on sunny days, but every day, even if it is cloudy.

6. Don't forget to moisturize your hands and neck and apply sun screen there, as well.

Don't forget that the first signs of aging appear on hands and neck. The more you take care of them, the later the aging signs will appear. You should give the same importance to your hands and neck as you do on your face.

7. Not using hair conditioner and hair protection

Your hair won't always look as good as it does now. The harsh weather conditions, curling irons, and straighteners make your hair drier and drier. Dry hair becomes more prone to splitting and shedding. You should show your hair the care it deserves.

8. Avoiding getting haircuts that give volume to your hair.

It is inevitable that your hair loses its volume and density over time. You can fix this by getting a layer cut.

9. Going for the glittery products.

You know how everything is bad if overdone. Glitter is overdone in make up. If you like glitter, you should also accept looking older.

10. Not realizing that sunglasses are more than accessorizes.

Even if it isn't that sunny, don't forget to wear your sunglasses. Every time you squint, you invite more wrinkles. It will also be a smart move to go for a quality product for your eye health.

11. Applying mascara on the lower eyelashes.

Yes, having big eyes is awesome. However achieving this by applying mascara on your lower eyelashes is not a good idea as it makes you look older. Instead, apply an eyeliner in nude tones around your tearduct and a bit of regular eyeliner underneath. You are ready!

12. Exaggerating powder

12. Exaggerating powder

The whole point of powder is to ease the shine on your face. However, if you overdo it, it will emphasize your flaws and fill the wrinkles, making you look bad.

13. Thin eyebrows

13. Thin eyebrows

The thinner your eyebrows are, the older you will look. That's why you should try to keep your eyebrows in as natural a form as possible when you shape them.

Bonus: Not taking time for you, your soul and your loved ones.

Aging is not only physical. You should also take good care of your mind and soul. At this point, while books will nurture your mind, your family and loved ones will do good to your soul. Keeping your soul and mind spry will also keep you young.