12 Things You'll Give Up Once You Start A Serious Relationship!


Starting a relationship, especially a serious one, comes with a great deal of responsibility. You will have to compromise some of the things you like, or change some of your habits. Here, we prepared a list for beginners. So, study this list and learn some of the things you will have to leave behind.

1. Say goodbye to seeing all the hot girls/guys as potential girlfriends/boyfriends.

Or, you are just too grateful to finally have one!

2. Freedom to be spontaneous.

3. Crazy hang-outs with bros/besties.

4. Wild-sleeping.

5. Planning everything only for yourself.

Always keep in mind: You are a couple now! Believe me you wouldn't like to learn it the hard way.

6. Shopping according to your own fashion sense.

Let's see if she will also like what you bought.

7. Not having to check your phone every 5 seconds.

I dare you not to answer her call once, or reply to her text more than 5 minutes later.

8. For women, sexy clothes (cleavage shirts, mini dresses).

Or, one day you will find him in your closet with scissors.

9. Super-long gaming sessions.

Unless you find such a solution.

10. Not caring if the toilet seat is up or down

They will teach you soon.

11. Tighty Whiteys For Men.

If you have them, you should be glad to have found a girl in the first place.

12. For women, tidiness; for men, messiness

Having come from such places, men will always try to put your tidy room into disarray.

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