12 Reasons Why Men Push It Really Hard At The Gym!

> 12 Reasons Why Men Push It Really Hard At The Gym!

Let's face it. Some guys push it really hard when they go to the gym. There's always that one ROOOOAAAAR type in every single gym...Here we find out why!

1. Not to become someone fat and bald when they grow old.

Doing sports is the last chance to keep them from saying: “OMG, I look like an old man!”

2. “Nothing makes me happy, so at least I’ll produce endorphins”

As you all know, endorphins are released when you work out, so you feel better after the gym. If life’s going bad, you should at least go to the gym and look perfect.

3. Trying to show his ex what they're missing.

Sometimes all that effort is for that ex. If they come back when they see the result, it’s the best.

4. When the things he buys on the internet look like shit on him.

4. When the things he buys on the internet look like shit on him.

Brands use modelling gods as, so everything looks good on them. Then it fools you because you think it’s also going to look good on you. Not good.

5. To have a disciplined life.

A regular sport cycle also makes one’s life more organized. You eat accordingly, sleep accordingly, and many other things like that.

6. For new years resolution.

Men also do new years resolutions like women. Men devoting themselves to six packs line up in front of the gyms on January 1st.

7. Having been beaten up recently and trying to get over it.

It hurts him inside when he's beaten up because he’s not strong enough. To get in shape to prevent future dangers, he goes to the gym and signs up for kick boxing classes.

8. “My face is ugly so my body shouldn’t be”

I should make it up at some point…

9. “My face is beautiful, so should my body”

I can get any girl with this combination.

10. For a healthier life.

Obesity has so many struggles; why take a risk of dying from cholesterol while he has the chance to have a long and healthy life?

11. That dissatisfying look in the mirror.

Going to the gym is to listen to the inner voice saying: “I got more boobs than my ex-girlfriend, it can’t continue like this”

12. Forget all the reasons above - the main reason is girls.

All we want is to look good for girls and be able to get those hot chicks. Our

increased performance in bed is a plus. Other reasons still apply, but this is totally the main reason.