12 Little Secrets From World Famous Chefs That Will Up Your Speed Around The Kitchen!


The kitchen is a place of entertainment for some, but for some it is hell. But whatever the reason is, everyone has to walk this path.

We prepared a list that would ease your pain while cooking. 

Hope y'all like it.

Freeze fruits and vegetables of the season to use them later on.

Instead of buying out of season fruits and vegetables from the grocery, it is better this way. You'll see that the frozen foods do not lose much of their taste.

You are tired of cleaning sticky food residues from your measuring pots. Why not spray them with cooking oil?

It'll be easy to clean afterwards and they will be ready for the next measurement.

Take the meat and fish off the stove a few seconds earlier from normal. Meat and fish continue to cook while you are waiting for them to cool.

Also, use a pair of tongs for serving meat. A fork or a skewer used for serving meat would cause the juice inside the meat to pour out and the meat to taste dry.

Do not leave the eggs in the pan on their own. Beat them with a wooden spoon and then pour them into the pan.

This would prevent the eggs from burning and makes them more tasteful.

It is not an expert job to get the meat to the desired doneness.

As you see above, you may check the doneness of the meat with your hand and take the meat off the stove when it reaches the desired doneness.

You do not have any measurement pots around you. Neither a cup nor a spoon. Don't worry!

You can use your hand for measurement. You can find the details in the image.

Put the legumes in a separate dish before cooking and remove stones and other things that would harm your teeth.

It is a well-known fact, but beginners generally forget this step.

Use a spoon for peeling ginger.

You can peel ginger with the edge of a spoon.

Use an oven pan instead of casserole dish if you wish to roast chicken.

An oven pan roasts your chickens better. You'd achieve a better test and a better appearance.

Roast brussels sprouts in a pan before cooking for a better taste.

You'll notice they taste better after adding the other ingredients.

If you want your chickens crispier, fry them twice.

After finishing the first round of frying, wait for 10 minutes and then fry them again for three minutes. You'll see that they get tastier.

Add a little salt to the boiling water before adding your pasta. Don't forget to add some olive oil afterwards.

This trick will prevent your pasta from becoming sticky.

What a secret eh?! Hope you liked it.

Ten-hut! Destination Kitchen. MARCH!

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