12 Fashion Styles that Stand Out on the Streets


Streets are the most popular runways for the fashion industry and social media has a huge impact. Even the most famous boutiques create new collections based on street trends. Ordinary folks with extraordinary style shape the whole industry. We have compiled for you the seasonal trends and styles of those who best reflect their personality through clothes and clever combinations.

Mixing the colors.

Matching colors in clothing is an old-fashioned rule which still dominates. But the streets don't obey it! Some need the courage to carry more than 3 colors on their style, and everyone needs some knowledge on how to mix colors. You can start out by trying contrasting colors or different shades of one.

Low-risk comfort.

Sometimes the classic is classy. You don't need much more. Correctly combining low-risk pieces such as jeans, leather, and postal is enough. Know your body and choose accordingly.

Diverse accesories.

Accessories don't just mean jewelry or a watch. You can change your look with belts, chains, a stylish purse, or a bag. Be careful; if you choose an audacious accessory, keep your clothes simple.


It's always a good idea to combine different shades of a color. You can even use different fabrics or textures of the same color for this effect. You need more knowledge for this, but start out with pairing thin or thick fabrics with its own kind, shiny fabric with dull, and textured fabric with those without.

Sporty chic.

There is no limit to looking good in a sporty style in the 2017 trend. It's easy to combine athletic clothes with classic pieces. You don't have to look simple or casual; try adding nets, piles, and satin to athletic clothing.

Look retro with colored glasses.

Shades with colored glasses were super popular in the 90s and early 2000s, and they are back! They look good in every season.

Interesting details.

Peculiar details will make a casual look much more interesting. You can add these details yourself. A safety pin or a few staples, a small hole on your sleeves for your thumb... it's all up to you.

Rise of the overalls.

2017 will be the year of comfort. Overalls are super comfy to wear outside (just use the bathroom before going out). You can wear a t-shirt or a sweater with them depending on the season.

Think outside the box.

"You CAN'T wear a necklace with a turtleneck sweater..."

"NEVER wear boots with a chiffon skirt..."

Ignore outdated rules and be yourself. Wear whatever; if you don't feel good in it, try something else. Experiment.

XL clothing.

X-large clothing is finally replacing the tight fit clothing. The time is now to enjoy loose clothes.

Fancy accessories.

Chokers were the biggest trend of 2016, but it's not over in 2017. They are changing shapes; leather, fabric and suede chokers are being replaced by metal and gems. Classic chains and necklaces are making a comeback.

Cozy colors.

Yellow, orange, and red. Warm colors are popular this season. Even Kylie Jenner added an orange sweatshirt to her mostly black and gray collection!

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