12 Facts About People Who Envy Less Intelligent People

> 12 Facts About People Who Envy Less Intelligent People

We've heard the term ''ignorance is bliss'' many times and agreet that it actually is. Because with an above average intelligence comes great responsibility. You start questioning everything, you analyze the past and always dream about the future. You might look at life from a wider perspective but the way to happiness is really ignorance. Here, we have 12 facts to prove it.

1. First of all, there are many things to analyze, many details and many things that move around for smart people.

Because they try to read all these signs, intelligent people drown in their thoughts and grow tired.  They see behind the scenes of every action and event. They can't just pretend nothing happened and smile at everyone's faces. That's the way intelligent people take responsibility.

2. Smart people's thoughts aren't just on practical and daily things.

Having a different perspective, thinking outside the box, and having the imagination to find that other ways are possible are few important traits of smart people.

3. The motto ''better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion'' doesn't apply to smart people

There are many things to do and many goals to reach for smart people. This mere fact brings a lot of worry to them. The uncertainty of the future troubles smart people. They envy those who are laid-back, but there is nothing to do; intelligence comes with worry.

4. They analyze the behavior of other people well and understand what their plans are.

It's difficult for them to go with the flow and not care about the fake personalities and ideas of other people. They do analyze well, but this is also tiring. They want to stop thinking just for a minute, but can't.

5. It's difficult to stand some types of people

Smart people can't make sense of certain behaviors. Things people deal with seem strange to them and they have difficulty saying something to others about it. Blending in with others is a difficult task for them. But an average mind could have helped them have a good social life.

6. Intelligence makes a person lonely.

6. Intelligence makes a person lonely.

Having an above average intelligence means not being able to communicate with a vast majority of people. It's difficult for them to think simply and have small talk. They see how narrow of a perspective people have and just wonder how.

7. The expectations of their friends and family are really high; they get tense and become furious.

When expectations are high, they try to do everything perfect and when this is the case, they get no joy out of life. They constantly work and work.

8. They can't find anyone to share the great ideas they have with

They have difficulty explaining their ideas to people because their view of events and the solutions they find are extraordinary. If they happen to tell them, a stupid question might make them regret they've told them.

9. Nobody understands their jokes.

Smart people have a different sense of humor. Everyone would laugh at a joke but intelligent people wouldn't; they would also laugh at a joke that noone else would. People won't understand their jokes, so they start to think they are crazy. Please try to keep the jokes to yourselves.

10. Being smart might cause them to have unnecessary fears and worries.

It's possible that they may develop some sort of fear or worry because of the fact that they are too aware of what is going on around them. Scientists, for instance, might say ''radiation from telephones is dangerous, don't keep them next to you'' and nobody would care about this, but smart people would stop using the phone completely.

11. They might feel sorrow because people don't understand them.

If we are social creatures, we all want to be understood. It's really important that we have someone to share our ideas with. Not being able to find someonle like this would make us sad and feel sorrow.

12. That's why happiness is just living life the way it is and not worrying about it.

Living life the way it is, not thinking or worrying too much, and doing whatever you feel like doing may not increase your satisfaction, but it sure will bring happiness. I wish we had a power switch in our brains that we could turn off whenever we wanted.