11 Signs Showing You Aren't Over Your Ex Yet!


Sometimes, against all reason, logic and pain, we can't get over our exes. Maybe it's all the great moments or the undeniable temptation. But it's always pretty hard to get over past relationships.

The song is strongly advised.

1. One text from your ex is enough to f*ck you up.

When you think that you are over it and it has been a while and then a text comes! BAM!

"I miss you."

Here you go! Your heart starts pounding and you realize you are still not over your ex, and you were just fooling yourself that you were.

2. You only remember the good times.

Fights, arguments... Nothing!

Your memory gets rid of those and preserves the best memories. As if you had always been so happy together and it was silly that you broke up in the first place.

3. You check your phone every morning and every night hoping there is a text from your ex.

And most of the time there is no text. Wait, wait, wait... You reach for your phone and want to shout "Haven't you missed me at all?" but nobody has heard you, right?

4. You can't break away from the habits you have developed during the relationship.

You go to the places that you hung out together, walk on the same streets, your eyes look for your ex around his/her place. On the one hand, you want to see your ex, and on the other hand, you are as scared as a little child.

5. You feel sad, for no reason, while walking out on the streets alone at night.

It doesn't have to be night time, if you walked on those streets together before... It is like you have to miss your ex every time you are alone.

6. You have never hated the couples you see around this much.

They are all ugly, they are all going to break up, that's what you want to believe, right?

7. You keep some of the gifts or souvenirs even after you break up, because they are too meaningful.

The tickets of the first movie you saw together, or other gifts... You can't throw them away even if they hurt you a lot. Were you really thinking that you were over your ex?

8. Sometimes you just freeze...

When you hear something, a song, a line that reminds you of your ex. It hurts a lot. You miss your ex a lot, don't lie to yourself.

9. You start dreaming about your ex often.

And those dreams affect you deeply. You can't stop thinking about those all day. You become more indifferent towards the world. You wonder if you should let your ex know about those dreams, which you realize later is a cliche. Your ex will probably think you are lying. That's a game that your subconsciousness loves to play with you. 

10. Starting a new relationship is difficult.

Getting to know somebody new, loving them, bearing with their stupid habits and making an effort for them... When did you start worrying about all these? You did all of these for somebody else already. Just like John Lennon said: "__Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

11. And you prepare/read this content.

Welcome to our world. Take a chair and come sit with us!

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