10 Things Proving That Failure Is NOT A Total Loss!


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Samuel Beckett

1. It shows you where you stand in life

Failure shows you where you stand, what you are capable of, and how to take the next step. It keeps you realistic and keeps your goals achievable. You always re-assess your expectations, and know every success is hard work and not easily achieved at all.

2. Teaches you things you can’t put a price on

Even though you can take years of motivation and life coaching classes, failure teaches you more. You learn your mistakes and what those mistakes can cost. And it does all these right at that moment. It shows you lots of things you can’t see on paper and lets you experience things a lot of others do not.

3. Shows you it’s not your only shot at something

It reminds you that you don’t only get one shot at things. It gives you a chance to start and go over things again. You take stronger and better steps; you learn how to avoid risks and dangers.

4. Strengthens your character

Every failure adds up to you developing a stronger character. You become a better, more experienced person. Every failure improves you greatly, but does it without you even realizing its value.

5. Motivates you for success

It gives you more and more ambition to work towards success. It keeps you motivated to make another stronger start. It keeps you strong enough to go over a failure you did not deserve.

6. You know other people and hear their stories to success

You start to look out for other people like you, and know their stories, like Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and many more. Just like you, they kept failing and trying again, until they finally succeeded.

7. It keeps you sane, patient and ambitious

You learn how to remain calm, strong and motivated when you fail. Every time, you rise stronger and get back on track. You know how big a virtue patience is. You start working even harder every time you fail.

8. It’s not the end of the world

You find out it’s really NOT the end of the world. You are still alive and breathing, and your world did not collapse at all. You find that inner strength to start again, and you don’t fear failure any more.

9. You realize how much your family and friends love you

You see how people around you are there to support you. They are always supporting you and helping you through your problems. They want the best for you, and give you a hand to help you back up!

10. You realize you are not alone at all

You actually don’t need to face everything on your own. There are tons of other people to share the burden.

Bonus: You have tons of cool stories to tell your grandkids when you become a papi.

Each failure will become a good story to tell.

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