10 Simple Tricks That Can Turn You Into A Calculator



It requires the most imagination and aesthetics among the other sciences.

It's probably the coolest and the most effective way to show off your ingenuity.

Besides all this, there are many people who don't like it because of its strict, mechanic and dull sides.

Let's take a look at it together and see 10 ways that mathematics can be a lot easier and fun.

The embassy of mathematics.

The easiest way to multiply by 11:

Multipication table for 9:

Multiplying by using lines:

No longer confuse which sign is bigger or smaller:

Here is another trick for multipication:


It may not be practical to multiply 12 by 34 but it sure is practical to multiply 79 by 87:


Adding or subtracting fractions is no longer a problem:

Multiplying the numbers that converge to 100:

If you want to multiply a three-digit number by 11, then try this:

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