10 Reasons Why Being An Aunt Is MUCH More Fun Than Being A Parent!


Being a mom should be magical and perfect, right? However, there is a better position than being a mom! Being an aunt! Here are 10 awesome advantages of being an aunt:

1. Your niece and nephew go crazy-happy when they see you.


It's a great boost of self-confidence!

2. You can pretend that they are your kids.


You can always give them back when you get bored, or if they need a diaper change.

3. You can allow them to do things that you wouldn't if you were a parent.


- How about we go to Disneyland instead of school today?

- Good idea, let's do it!

4. The fact that you know all the songs of Selena Gomez isn't embarrassing, but very cool to them.


5. Disciplining them isn't your job.


6. Encouraging bad habits, on the other hand, is your job.


7. You can say bad words and laugh about it.


You've just said "Sh*t?" Hahahaha!

8. You don't have to worry about their bedtime.


"I know your parents put you to bed at 7, but if you aren't feeling tired, you can hang out with us as long as you want."

9. If they want ice cream for dinner, you can go ahead and give it to them.


You never worry about food, and let them eat whatever they want. You actually wonder why parents are so strict about it. The fact that your niece/nephew is happy is enough for you.

10. You can just leave when you think you've had enough cuteness.


And go out to party at night! It rocks to be an aunt!

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