10 Moments Showing Jealousy Is Ending Your Relationship!

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There is this general view that if you love somebody, you are scared of losing them. Jealousy is that fear of losing. If you aren't jealous, you don't love that person enough. However, the level of jealousy is what matters. If it has reached these extremes, you'd better be careful and try to get a hold of it.

1. If you obsessively stalk your partner's social media accounts.


The truth is that we all follow some people from time to time on social media websites: what they do, where they study or work, if they are single or not.. However, if the people you follow are the exes, school friends of your partner or people who are a threat to your relationship, and if you do it more than once in a while, you start upsetting both yourself and your partner with unnecessary worries and obsessions. In more extreme situations, you might start checking where these people checked in or were tagged, and if they are close to your partner. Be careful, that's a road that you don't want to take.

2. If you read through your partner's chats every chance you have.


If you go through your partner's phone while they are showering or sleeping, you are doing something very unhealthy, because this behavior not only signals jealousy, but also a lack of trust. You look at your partner's phone because just asking them does not satisfy you enough: you think that they might be lying or doing something behind your back. Even if you don't consciously think that this is the reason, this is definitely the reason.

3. If you make up excuses to call him every 10 minutes when your partner is out with friends.


Your partner doesn't need a family or friends, but only you. You want this, but it is impossible. You want to check up on your partner, because you want to make sure that they don't communicate with dangerous people, go to dangerous places, and most importantly, that they don't have too much fun without you. Give both your partner and yourself some space.

4. If you want to have the right to decide on which friends of the opposite sex your partner can and can't see


You naturally make this choice by comparing these people to yourself. If you believe that those people are better looking, smarter and more sympathetic for you, you don't want your partner to see them. You think that they are a better choice to date. You are your own worst enemy; you are perfect and unique the way you are. Also, how can you limit a person's free will?

5. If you are too interested in where and how your partner spends money and controls their accounts.


What are you looking for? A payment for a hotel room or a big charge the night that your partner was with their friends? You know very well that none of these makes sense, yet you still can't stop yourself. You are scared of being deceived and beating yourself up.

6. If you lose control when your partner comes home late, without even asking why.


If your significant other comes home late, there is a good chance that they have cheated on you. That's why what you have to do is to wait calmly and then let all of your anger out once they come home. If your partner has cheated on you, they might blurt it out in the intensity of the moment. If your partner hasn't cheated on you, they will see what kind of a reaction you will give, in case they do cheat on you. Hence, shouting and going crazy makes sense either way, except that you will push your partner away from you.

7. If you randomly text the unfamiliar numbers in your partner's phone and call and listen to their voices...


If you neither trust yourself, nor your partner, what is the point of being in a relationship? Do you want a relationship to spend nice times together or to be constantly assured that you two belong together? In this case, it is inevitable that you two will also be tense and your relationship will be ruined.

8. If you can't help yourself from distorting the truth and badmouth the people you are jealous of...


If you are convinced that your relationship is in danger because of some certain people, sooner or later you will start distorting the truth and slandering those people. If you have already tried and failed to control your partner, the next step is to increase your value in your partners' eyes by lying. Even though this might give you a false sense of winning in the short time, it is pretty obvious that you lost for the long run.

9. If you watch every single step your partner takes...


As soon as you start a relationship, you suddenly turn into Sherlock Holmes and start living the life of your partner. The only thing that matters from then on is to own and possess your partner fully. However, the downside is that you can never completely feel that you own your partner. There is no end to doubting. You are in an endless struggle.

10. And lastly, if you blame everybody else except yourself for these, it's high time that you changed this.


You have to blame somebody because you have to prove to yourself and your partner that the level of jealousy that you are feeling is acceptable. This is how you no longer have to carry the responsibility of your jealousy, and you transfer this burden on to your partner. You are jealous because your partner is unreliable or has a roaming eye. Once you find a suitable scapegoat, you no longer have to question your behavior or mistakes. Take responsibility and stop torturing yourself.

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