14 Things You Didn't Know About Women's Porn Habits!
Many people don't even think that women watch porn. Today, I'm here to tell them: Yes they do! In this gallery, we brought together very interesting information about women's porn watching habits. Which category do they prefer the most? Who are their favorite stars? How do they differ from men? The answers to the questions are below!The following statistics come from the folks at Pornhub's data team. Its members were able to look at the team's analytics and generate anonymized data on what the site's female users are looking at.
The Most Scandalous Butter Rape Scene In 'The Last Tango In Paris' Is Real!
The film contains a scene in which Brando's character engages in anal rape using butter as a lubricant. In a 2006 interview, Schneider said that the scene was not in the script and that 'when they told me, I had a burst of anger. Woo! I threw everything. And nobody can force someone to do something, not in the script. But I didn't know that. I was too young.' Let's look more into the story!
18 Secrets Women's Bathrooms Hold And We're Dying To Hear!
A women’s bathroom is no ordinary place. It keeps your deepest, dirtiest secrets that you wouldn’t even tell to your best friend. Basically, what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom. Here are 18 of those things that happen in the women’s bathroom that no one talks about!
The Evolution Of Female Characters That Popular Culture Has Offered To Girls!
It's not easy to come by these days! We wouldn't be wrong if we claim that every book, every movie, or every TV series serves to abolish or to strengthen certain ideologies. Everything is political; even the animated movies for children!Now we're setting out on a journey starting with the first adaptation of old fairy tales to the latest productions, and we'll see how 'ideal' female characters have changed.
The Latest And Craziest Fashion Trend: A Camel Toe Underwear!
We are facing one of the strange trends women have recently adopted. These underwear give the appearance of a camel toe, making a situation that normally looks extraordinary like normal. In the content we compiled from Elite Daily, we leave you alone with one of the most stunning crazes of recent times.
This Instagram Account Features The Hottest Men Alive!
Some of them are already world famous stars, and some are only getting attention on social media for now. But they have one thing in common: They are all sexy af! Here’s an Instagram account for you to follow shamelessly these hot guys: daddiies_fr
Do You Choose Your Partner Based On Looks? Then Lend Your Ears To Science
It's no secret that we're all attracted to beauty. When we see someone who we consider as ''hot',' our jaws drop and we start drooling. But just because that person is attractive does that mean I could be happy with that person and have a long term relationship? Science doesn't think so, according to a research, attractive people are more likely to have short-term relationships. Let's see what the reason behind this is.
17 Small, Insignificant Things Men Do That Mean More Than “I Love You”
Most grown up women know that men can’t (or don’t) say things out loud most of the time. And we eventually learn that they don’t always mean what they say or say what they really mean. So, relationships get complicated. Either you start to be doubtful of their love for you, or just put with the drama until the moment you find the courage to end things with them. But sometimes we should just look at the seemingly insignificant, small things they do to understand if he really has feelings for us. Elite Daily came up with these 17 things that mean more than “I love you.”
14 WTF Facts About Female Pubic Hair You Probably Didn’t Know
Here’s another topic we all think about, but avoid talking about in public: pubic hair! Why is it there? Why the hell are we waxing it, shaving it, slaughtering it, and relentlessly getting rid of it? Is our pubic hair alone in the universe? Are they on the verge of extinction? Here are all the answers…
13 Reasons Why Bald Men Are Charismatic!
Hair loss is a problem for lots of middle-aged men. Younger men whose fathers are bald also start worrying about it far earlier than they should. But guys, have you ever considered that it can be quite a hot style to go with? Women, at least, seem to think that bald men are quite charismatic. Here are 13 facts you should consider before making too big of a deal over losing your hair:
21 Confessions That Reveal The Mysterious World Of Strippers!
There's a lot of hype about strip clubs and their talented employees. But how much really do you know about this cash-filled, sexy and wild-looking sector? Turns out there are things that you only find out when you become a stripper, and this professional stripper shares her experiences in this compilation, originally from Buzzfeed.
10 Outstanding Movies Every Women Should Watch Alone!
Are you planning to organize a girls movie night? We have some suggestions especially designed for your viewing pleasures. These movies are all you need for a fun film night!You can thank us later!***All of the movie storylines were taken from the IMDb.
Cindy Crawford Stands Against Modern Supermodel Standarts After Her Daughter Gets Too Skinny
Cindy Crawford has been speaking about her daughter, aspiring young model Kaia, and despite having full faith in her beautiful young ages, she is concerned about the body pressures she'll face.The supermodel spoke to a magazine about the standards in the modeling industry nowadays - the same industry that told a rake thin model she was too fat.Cindy explained, 'today, models are expected to be so tiny and I worry about that for her, because that was never my natural body type and I don't think it'll be hers either. Still, I'll say to her, 'Enjoy carbs while you can!'While she has every confidence that Kaia will grow up just fine, she still has reservations about what the fashion world has become, adding: 'fashion and makeup should just be for fun. And somehow it has moved away from that.'
21 Well-Executed Twerking Examples From Russian Girls That Will Blow Your Mind!
Ladies and gentlemen! We advise you to try to keep your head still while viewing this content, because you will definitely feel woozy! The Instagram account 'twerkrussia' compiles the twerking videos of Russian girls online under one roof. Nice mission! We thank them from the bottom of our hearts and share 21 of those videos with you!
This Woman Keeps Her Oral Sex Promise To "No" Voters In Italy!
Thanks to the Internet, we have heard about so many interesting things that we are now at a point that nothing really surprises us that much. Paola Saulino vowed to have oral sex with those who voted 'no' in the referendum in Italy, and she is keeping her promise. She goes door to door to keep her end of this rather unusual promise. Way to make people politically aware and be a true patriot! :)
NSFW: TOP 13 SEXIEST Mannequin Challenges!
The mannequin challenge has been everywhere recently - and now it's the turn of sexy ones.We have compiled 15 of the hottest attempts at the challenge to date, in which STUNNING ladies left little to the imagination as they struck provocative poses for the latest viral craze to sweep the internet.And the results are pretty impressive...Warning: NSFW!
15 Great Upsides Of Dating A Confident Man
It's been a centuries long, universal matter: what kind of a man we should date. Handsome, thoughtful, sexy, attractive, charismatic, romantic, etc. We have heard them all, but we are here to tell you the real deal. The man you should date is a man with confidence and self-esteem; and here is why: