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11 Signs Showing You Might Be Bipolar...
Also known as bipolar affective disorder or manic depression, bipolar disorder is a mental illness without a definitive cure. Characterized by the mood swings between periods of depression and mania, it can actually vary in severity and symptoms from person to person. Bipolar disorder can make life extremely difficult for those suffering from it, as well as others around them. Furthermore, some people may not be aware that they actually have it. If you are wondering about the most common symptoms, here you go...
13 Simple Signs Revealing You Might Be A Sex Addict!
Having sex is a natural need that comes from the desire of both (or all) parties. The frequency and number of the times you have sex may fluctuate, however a stable line also doesn't mean that there is something wrong. If you feel familiar with most of the points below, you might be a sex addict.
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