15 Reasons Why Girls Prefer Bad Boys Over Nice Guys

15 Reasons Why Girls Prefer Bad Boys Over Nice Guys

Yvette Darlene
August 16 2016 - 09:40am Last Update: February 22 2017 - 04:00pm

Yeah, we have all heard this story before, yet never understood it. Let's try again, maybe there are indeed some good reasons!

1. First of all, while women think of a hot guy when they hear the words "bad boy,"


The image of a "nice guy" is a mama's boy like this one:

2. Maybe it is the things that they carry in their pockets, bad boys are super fun!

But nice guys? They are just damn boring!

3. Bad boys do something nice only once in a while, which is more than enough to sweep us off our feet! 🙆

Because nice guys do everything right, they have a harder time getting forgiveness after a mistake. Well, we do call them 'nice,' they should never make mistakes, right?

4. And that masochist side that is carried by our X gene... Damn! That's why we run after the guys who hurt us and f*ck us up.

Who can do this better than a bad boy, right?

- More pain!!! We want more pain!!

5. The favorite hobby of those who have a bit of a psychopath side: chasing the one who is running away!

Again, a bad boy will run for your help at this point.

Nice guys don't run away, don't chase, they just stay where you leave them.

6. It could be an urban myth, but there is a rumor that bad boys are better in bed.

I won't even compare nice guys with them at this point.

7. The women who are sick of "nice looking guys" that hurt them prefer bad boys who are expected to hurt them.

Honesty is the most important thing!

8. Women who want love, passion, lust, and ups and downs in a relationship and who want to avoid dullness at all costs find what they look for in a bad boy.

A relationship with a nice guy doesn't have those adventurous ups and downs, instead there is dullness and sappiness. Oh, even typing about it makes me sick!

9. And there are also some of us who enjoy taking up a bad boy as a social awareness project and bringing the good in him out.

So you take a bad boy, cook him on a low flame for 20 minutes. Throw your love in him and stir well. If it works, he is yours; if not, he has never been yours, anyways. Sometimes it is just not meant to be.

10. Because nice guys are nice to everybody, they fail to make their women feel special.

However bad boys are (maybe) only nice to their women, which makes the heart of a woman melt! 😍

11. And sometimes we just don't want a relationship. Instead of breaking a nice guy's heart, we prefer having fun with a bad boy so we can break things off without upsetting anybody.

12. The energy and aura of a bad boy attracts all women's attention. Just like seizing the prey from our rivals in nature, it makes this whole game even more interesting.

13. We, women, who can't decide on what to eat for hours, just adore the bad boys who want what they want.

Instead of asking us what we wanna eat:

-I discovered a great place, we are eating there tonight!

This is f*cking hot, you guys!

14. Nice guys bore the sh*t out of you with unnecessary kindness. Bad boys are transparent. What you see is what you get. They steer clear of unnecessary acts of kindness, which is attractive for us in a weird way.

15. Most importantly, a bad boy knows how to make women laugh.

Nice guys' senses of humor are... well... non-existing.

WARNING: Despite their awesome traits, bad boys don't stick around for a long time.

When they leave, your heart can break into millions of pieces and your eyes might run dry. This is when you need the help of a nice guy and if you have brains, don't get involved with a bad boy, ever!

So, what kind of a boyfriend would you prefer?

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