21 Confessions That Reveal The Mysterious World Of Strippers!


There's a lot of hype about strip clubs and their talented employees. But how much really do you know about this cash-filled, sexy and wild-looking sector? Turns out there are things that you only find out when you become a stripper, and this professional stripper shares her experiences in this compilation, originally from Buzzfeed.

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Being a stripper is not that difficult, but there's always an audition.

If the manager likes your show, you can start dancing for customers right away.

It's unacceptable to steal a stripper's song; they put a lot of effort in choreographing specific tunes.


It would be like stealing their customers!

6 am to 3 pm are sleeping hours.

Do not disturb!

They know the best 24/7 diners to eat at 5am.

5 am: dinner time!

Stripper heels are super comfortable so they can survive 9 hour shifts!


They're convenient going out in on days off too! ;)

You don't need to know how to pole dance when you're starting out; you can learn that on the go.

Bachelor parties are actually the most boring gigs.


The customers are quiet as most of them don't even want to be there.

They aren't impressed by compliments since it's become a part of their job.


It's not always financially stable if you only work in clubs.

If you are a freelancer and get booked to house parties, you go home with all the green. But clubs are sometimes empty and after you pay the house rental fee you go home with less cash than you came in.

Strippers always buy the cheapest perfumes because the bottles are empty within a week.

Even the best strippers can slip and fall.

It happens to everyone!

The changing rooms are usually more fun than the stage!


There's always some kind of scene, as one girl is having an exhaustion breakdown while another is having her butt rubbed with fake tan... It's a lot of drama.

And how about PMS?

They still work when they're bleeding; they just cut the tampon string short.

Looking sexy while getting out of stockings and garter belts isn't an easy task!

It takes a lot of practice.

A stripper's purse is always on fire!

Scattered make-up stuff, wet wipes, glittered body cream, 100 useless business cards... a home-made taser... there could be anything in there!

Don't ever drink wine in a strip club!


Just trust the strippers on this one.

The sexy moves on the floor result in unexpected bruises.


But for most part, the psychological part of the job is more difficult than the physical strains.


Customers that try to "save them from this world" get old pretty quick. Most conversations end up super draining.

They're on top of all the legalities involving their employers and customers.


So that no one can abuse them.

It's still a great job for most, and they wouldn't exchange it with a day job.


Taking breaks to chill or travel whenever they want for however long (without getting fired), and dissing rude customers without being held accountable are some of the best perks of the job!

But the best perk of all is going home and rolling around on that sweet dough!


It's hard-earned money, y'all.

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