This Woman Keeps Her Oral Sex Promise To "No" Voters In Italy!


Thanks to the Internet, we have heard about so many interesting things that we are now at a point that nothing really surprises us that much. Paola Saulino vowed to have oral sex with those who voted "no" in the referendum in Italy, and she is keeping her promise. She goes door to door to keep her end of this rather unusual promise. Way to make people politically aware and be a true patriot! :)

Paolo Saulino is a 27-year-old actress and model.

Recently, the president of Italy had to resign after the referendum, in which the consensus was "No."

But we have to say that Paola's oral sex promise didn't affect the result of the referendum.

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Because Paolo made this promise after the referendum, just to have a chance to say thanks.

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And another trivia: the side that won by saying "no" in the referendum in Italy is the people who have the same political view as the people who support Trump in USA: the right wing.

Paola, who calls this "Pompa Tour," goes door-to-door and gives blowjobs to the Italian men who voted "no" in the referendum.

She also shares the details of this tour with her followers. Paola, who has started her tour on January 7th in Rome, has had oral sex with 51 people. What a strong woman!

She stated that the first day was quite tiring, but still lots of fun.

With the second schedule she shared, she announced that she will have toured 24 Italian cities through March 8th.

And this being the case, we decided to check her social media accounts.

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She licks everything including her thumb,

Her hair straightener,


Fish... (WTF?)


And this desert we are sure that is quite yummy,


And straw...

Paola, who has 162,000 followers on Instagram, sure seems to like getting a taste of anything and everything.

Born in Naples, she doesn't hide the fact that she is a fierce fan of Naples.

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She even got her bathrobe, which she wears right after a shower, from the Naples Store.

And another thing that has caught our eye is that she loves furs. We don't know if these are only imitations or real furs, but we still find it uncool: we love animals! Even if it is an imitation, it still encourages buying furs. We all have to respect the rights of animals!

She spends most of her money on hair dressers and shopping.

Paola, who often goes shopping, finds herself buying new dildos -as if she doesn't have any left in her place. She has spent thousands of Euros on dildos.

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Paola is also quite good at house chores.

She is also quite sensitive about her hygiene. She doesn't leave the toilet without cleansing herself first.

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Dear Paola... May everything turn out as you wish!

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