13 Most Naturally Beautiful Celebrities Without Makeup
In the age of breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, Botox, and weaves many actresses, models or singers often succumb to the pressure of fitting into unrealistic beauty standards while natural beauty becomes more and more of a thing of the past.However, there are a few celebrities who sometimes allow themselves to forget about their status and share delightful 'no makeup' photos with their fans. Here is a list of the famous women who embrace their natural beauty and gain public admiration for their efforts in the process.
Cindy Crawford Stands Against Modern Supermodel Standarts After Her Daughter Gets Too Skinny
Cindy Crawford has been speaking about her daughter, aspiring young model Kaia, and despite having full faith in her beautiful young ages, she is concerned about the body pressures she'll face.The supermodel spoke to a magazine about the standards in the modeling industry nowadays - the same industry that told a rake thin model she was too fat.Cindy explained, 'today, models are expected to be so tiny and I worry about that for her, because that was never my natural body type and I don't think it'll be hers either. Still, I'll say to her, 'Enjoy carbs while you can!'While she has every confidence that Kaia will grow up just fine, she still has reservations about what the fashion world has become, adding: 'fashion and makeup should just be for fun. And somehow it has moved away from that.'
15 Annoying Facts You’ll Only Know If You’re Attractive But Not Photogenic
You KNOW you’re good-looking. But somehow, you’re someone else in your photos: one of your eyes is closed, there’s a funny expression on your face, you have a second chin, and your skin just looks different. At some point, you accept the fact that you’re not one of those who can mesmerize people with your shiny smile on social media. Well, at least you know that it’s always better to see you in person! Here are 15 things you can relate to if you’re attractive but not really photogenic.
Find Out What Hair Color Will Get You Out Of Depression
Your hair color reflects your energy as well. We make many changes in our lives and our hair sometimes become a part of this change. We sometimes change it when we're happy and sometimes do it when we're depressed. In this test, we'll tell you what hair color will get you out of depression! Enjoy.
23 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wishing Your Hair Was Curly!
The expression 'the grass is always greener on the other side' could have been coined for women with curly hair. Although we find it difficult to understand those who say 'Awww, I wish my hair was curly, too,' without knowing any of the hardships we have to go through, it still makes us happy. Careful what you wish for; get your facts 'straight' first (no pun was originally intended).
19 Faces Of 'Ugly Betty' Adaptations Around The World
It all started in Columbia in 1999 with 'Yo soy Betty, la fea' (I am Betty, the Ugly). The tender, comedic story was told over the course of around 335 half-hour episodes (which were re-edited into 169 hour-long episodes for rebroadcast in the U.S.) and became such a national obsession in Colombia that streets were practically empty whenever an episode was playing. The show also became successful internationally -it went on to be adapted in close to 20 different countries, each using the basic set up (an “ugly” but brilliant woman succeeding in a beauty-driven industry) as a springboard to launch decidedly local stories.Find below a list of 19 global adaptations of the Betty la fea story, including the Salma Hayek-produced ABC one-hour comedy (Ugly Betty) as well as Chinese, Greek and even Vietnamese productions, to see how the 'ugly' and 'beautiful' faces of the Bettys were portrayed by different actresses in different countries.
15 Celebrities Who Looked Way Better Before Plastic Surgery
Most of the people try to change their look and style once they get famous. There are of course some examples of surgeries that look very natural, but mostly, celebrities alter their beautiful face via plastic surgery. Here are the ones who should have stayed away from those surgeries.
39 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Visit Italy!
As the Onedio team, we're going to prove with photos that Italy is actually not as beautiful as it is said to be. Don’t ever believe people talking about its mesmerizing architecture. You’ll understand as you read this through.
13 Reasons Why Women Change Their Hairstyles Often!
Girls, we all have been there. Whatever we're going through in our lives can be observed from our hair. From bleaching the darkest hair to having bangs, we tend to change our hair style after something bad happens in our lives.
Skin Undertone?! Join The Hype Train Of The Beauty World!
Light, fair, medium, olive, brown or black. No, we are not talking about these anymore. There is a new thing: Finding your skin’s undertone. It’s a burning hot topic for beauty bloggers and it is confusing us. We dug it deeply and simplified it for you. After this list you'll be an expert and hey, you might even start your own blog!
18 Tempting Reasons To Bring Your Attention To Guys' Hands!
You think it’s just a very common statement? Don’t think so at all! A proper hand care is something ignored by so many guys out there. If a guy takes care of his hands, he probably takes care of his whole body very carefully. Help yourself out to find out!
13 Gloriously Beautiful Famous Women With 'Big' Noses
Beauty and charm. It's time for us to save these words from the so-called 'norms'. These pictures of celebrities will prove you that concept of beauty is nothing but something defined by humanity and it's subject to change. Let's just enjoy these charming women.