Your Skincare Schedule: What To Do Daily, Weekly, And Monthly To Have A Great Skin


Most of us live on pretty tight schedules these days. At work, at school, or when working on different projects, we set up some rules for ourselves to get things done properly. So why not use the same method to have a healthier and more beautiful skin? Here are some considerations for what to try daily, weekly and monthly.

👉 Daily

1. Drink water - Plenty of it!

Staying hydrated is crucial for healthy skin. So start your daily routine by drinking water.

2. Take a warm shower, NEVER hot!

Hot water strips oils from the skin faster than warm water. So the result of a hot shower is dry skin. With regular hot showers, you might also notice dry patches of skin that feel scaly or even start to crack.

3. Sleep well!

A good night's sleep can mean good skin health because when you’re sleep-deprived, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol can lead to increased stress and inflammation in the body, hurting your skin’s quality.

4. Wash your face twice a day.

5. Use toner

Toners replenish and nourish skin after removing makeup and cleansing, a step that can significantly, and visibly, help your skin. Even if you use the most gentle cleanser, your skin still needs to be replenished with what the cleanser removes. 

A toner can quickly and fundamentally provide skin with generous amounts of antioxidants, soothing agents, and vital hydrating ingredients. A state-of-the-art toner enhances the skin’s surface, giving skin what it needs to look fresher, smoother, and hydrated. It also serves to remove those last traces of makeup you may have missed with your cleanser.

6. Moisturize

Moisturizing is one of the most important things you can do to care for your skin and protect it. Be sure to use a moisturizer that matches your skin type and the climate. Most of us need lighter moisturizers in the summer and heavier ones in the winter.

7. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is non-negotiable. Use it every morning. Some moisturizers have a built-in sunscreen. Just don’t use these at night, as the ingredients are not intended for constant use.

8. Don't sleep with your makeup on!

Even though we know that it is a big fat NO to sleep with our makeup on, we are all guilty of going to bed once or twice (or maybe more) in our adult lives without removing our makeup. Here is what can happen if you regularly go to sleep with your makeup on:

  • Your skin becomes extremely dry and sensitive.

  • Eyelashes fall off.

  • Eyes become swollen and develop a dandruff-like residue.

  • Pores get clogged.

  • Wrinkles get worse.

  • And your skin ages faster.

9. Use day AND night cream.

During the day, skin is subject to damaging UV rays, pollution, environmental stresses, and makeup, so creams designed for use during the day are primarily focused on protection and support. 

Nighttime is when skin does its heavy lifting. Like the rest of the body, the skin does the bulk of its repairing, restoring, and regenerating while we sleep, so night creams are focused on moisture and recovery.

👉 Weekly

10. Exfoliate

Use a mild scrub (or peel or mask) to help slough away dead skin cells and prevent build-up and congestion that can lead to acne.

11. Exercise!

Exercise reduces bodywide inflammation, helps regulate skin-significant hormones, and prevents free-radical damage. When you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production, thwarting wrinkles.

12. Clean your cell phone.

Bacteria and germs thrive on our cell phones. Oils from our skin, makeup residue, and cellular oils create a mixed bag of bacteria and threaten your skin health.

13. Change your sheets regularly.

14. Keep your brushes clean.

Makeup with a clean brush always gives a better result. Plus, using dirty brushes can cause acne and black spots.

👉 Monthly

15. Extraction

Despite the best skincare routine, we all fall subject to blackheads and build-up. It pays to take a little time each month to remove blackheads. Steam the skin and use a blackhead removal tool to extract blackheads. Whatever you do, don’t squeeze!

16. Get a professional skin care treatment if you can.

17. Watch out for suspicious dark marks or other problems.

👉 Yearly

18. See your dermatologist.

19. Do not forget to scan your skin for any health problems!

But most importantly, love your skin! ❤️

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