They Are Called Dimples Of Venus For A Reason! The Back Dimples Mystery Is Resolved...


Back dimples are considered to be the most interesting and characteristic details of the lower body. They are mostly seen on women and also called "dimples of Venus." What is the mystery behind these dimples? What are they for? We researched it for you:

Venus dimples are formed by a short ligament stretching and pulling the skin in towards itself, creating a dimple.

They are called "lateral lumbar indentations" scientifically, and they may be a hint of the person's health and characteristics.

On top of the aesthetic admiration for them, these dimples are an indicator of the woman's sex life.

Research shows that women who have back dimples can climax easier, meaning they can orgasm in a shorter time. The reason is that these women have a slightly different spine and pelvis shape.

So how do back dimples, indicating a special position of bones and muscles, affect sex life?

This special position or shape of muscles and bones causes the blood flow to speed up in a short time, shortening the time to reach climax.

Back dimples are not indicators of any bad health.

Back dimples come in many shapes and sizes and how they look also depends on the person's weight and body structure. Men also can have back dimples but it's way less common than women.

If you have these sexy dimples, we have couple suggestions for you...

If you have back dimples and you want to make them pop out more, there are exercises designed for it. Especially exercises that strengthen the muscles in the waist and abdomen area will be very beneficial both for your health and the shape of the dimples. Next, you can even get them pierced!

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