Size 14 Model Who Won Second Place In Miss Italy Gets Body Shamed


Paola Torrente, the 22-year old engineering student, is very popular in Italy nowadays. Why? Because she is size (42)14 ("too fat") and she won the second place in Miss Italy! 

Haters are gonna hate, therefore, there were some fat-shaming reactions.

Everything started when the 40-year old former Croatian modal, Nina Moric, said in Instagram that Paola Torrente is too fat to participate in this contest.

And most of her followers supported her.

She also added that there are contests for fat people as well and invited people to take a look at other contestants. She pointed out how "too fat" Paola was in comparison to them.

Nina Moric, got her lucky break after starring in the video of Ricky Martin's famous hit "Livin La Vida Loca." She also questioned why there are, for example no contests for people with ugly feet.

Many people, who were encouraged by Nina Moric's words, started body shaming Paola Torrente on social media.

This went so far that the young model had to close her Instagram account.

The model, who is called the "queen of social media" by Italian media, is actually a well-liked person in her country.

She is always vocal about how much she loves her country and herself.

And the successful model states that despite all of this, she hasn't lost her motivation.

And she actually thinks that the curvier, the better!

And we congratulate her!

It is amazing to see that beauty perceptions and standards are taking a turn for the better!

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