Everything Was A Lie: 15 Pictures Of Instagram Celebrities Before Plastic Surgery


Instagram is like the capital of perfect beauty. Beautiful locations, beautiful food, and of course beautiful people. It is a bit sad to find out that the Instagram celebrities, who started to earn good money and increase their followers day by day with their perfect appearance, owe most of their beauty to plastic surgery. Here are the old pictures of the famous Instagram stars.

1. Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly
Cindy Kimberly

It is very clear that the 18-year-old girl, who started modeling and made millions of followers by sharing Justin Bieber's photo last year, has had her lips done. This successful operation brought her fame.

Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) 

2. Nita Kuzmina


Nita Kuzmina, one of Russia's most popular Instagram celebrities, was also featured on a famous TV show in Russia thanks to her fame. Looking at her old photographs, it seems that she has had lots of plastic surgery.

Nita Kuzmina (@nita_kuzmina) 

3. Alena Shishkova


Alena Shishkova, who is already a beautiful woman, wanted to take advantage of the plastic surgery world's blessings. It is thought she received botox.

Alena Shishkova (@missalena.92)

4. Marina Mayer


It is possible to say that the plastic surgery of the Russians is progressing as well as those from the Far East. Marina Mayer also became famous thanks to this and founded her own brand.

❤️Moscow💙 (@marinamayer777)

5. Katya Juja


Russia again. Russia is the paradise for the Instagram phenomena. Katja Juja, 29, is also a phenomenon that discovered the secret of Instagram.

К А Т Я. Ж У Ж А. (@katyajuja555) 

6. Anna Andres


The 23-year-old Ukrainian model turned herself into another person by having popular plastic surgeries like her nose, chest, and lips.

Anna Andres (@ann.andres) 

7. Anyuta Rai


One of the biggest changes on the list is from Anyuta Rai. It's proof of how plastic surgery can change a person.


8. Alexandra Markina


It's like there is no one that hasn't had an operation on their nose, chest, and lips in Russia. Aleksandra Markina discovered the power of these operations.

Sasha (@markina) 

9. Sveta Bilyalova


The transformation of Sveta Bilyalova, one of the most popular Instagram phenomena, is also remarkable. She had the same plastic surgery combination as the other people.

Sveta Bilyalova (@svetabily) 

10. Mara Teigen


The photographs of the Instagram celebrity, known as the young Angelina Jolie, from the Myspace era shows that her lips are not as original as Angelina Jolie's.

Mara Teigen (@marateigen_)

11. Jen Selter


Jen Selter, who was the most popular name of Instagram with her butt, had a nose operation at the age of 15. Though she says she had no other operations, there are some rumors about her hips.

Jen Selter (@jenselter) 

12. Maria Hering

Maria Hering
Maria Hering

One of Instagram's most fascinating names is Maria Hering, who doesn't need plastic surgery but can't stay away from it.

Maria (@mariahering_) 

13. Joselyn Cano


It is debated whether Joselyn Cano curved lines, which make many people follow her, are natural or not. She changed many features of her face like her nose, lips, and chin.

Joselyn Cano (@joselyncano) 

14. Veronika Black

Veronika Black
Veronika Black

The Canadian model, living in Dubai, reached success with her similarities to Angelina Jolie. We don't need to say that she owes these similarities to her plastic surgery.

Official IG of Veronika Black (@veronikablack88) 

15. Abigail Ratchford

Abigail Ratchford
Abigail Ratchford

The American model proves the importance of big breasts and lips in our era.

A b i g a i l (@abigailratchford) 

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