19 Mind Blowing Before And After Faces From South Korea's Plastic Surgery Show!

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The television program Let Me In between 2011 and 2015 and locked South Korean's eyes to the television. It's both incredible and scary at the same time to know how much a person can change within a few hours. These photographs, which were originally 9GAG, show us how big of a change these people went through.

Source: http://m.9gag.com/gag/ajqzRRp

Each contestant on the show is given harsh nicknames like Frankenstein or Scarface because their physical features have made it impossible for them to lead a normal life.

The parents of the contestants apologize to their children for giving them crummy genes in emotional videos. Once chosen, the parent goes through a series of plastic surgeries by renowned surgeons.

At the end of every show, the surgically reborn contestant is revealed to the audience.

1. She went through quite a lot of operations, that's for sure.


3. 😳😳

4. 😱😱

5. That's a big change!



8. It's like a joke!




12. It seems like a long process.

13. Everyone who had surgery on the show became really popular.


15. These are major operation.

16. The show was cancelled in 2015 after 5 seasons.

17. The reason for this was that the show was criticized for encouraging discrimination of appearance.

18. And for being a 1 hour long plastic surgery advertisement.

19. What can we say is that it was the right choice.

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