Audrey Munson: America's First Nude Model Who Passed Away In A Mental Hospital After 65 Years


You've probably heard the phrase "beauty is the worst curse in the world."

This saying, which is said for beauty, which is a relative phenomenon that changes from person to person, is again right or wrong according to every individual.

From the moment that people have existed, they have pursued beauty and have done countless evils for this sake.

Everyone wants to be liked somehow; The most satisfying nutrition of ego is to have the title of 'beautiful.'

Beauty is a means of being liked for most people.

It helps people to have their eyes on you, paying attention to you, and to be interested in you. 

In fact, having the title 'beautiful' also contains many evil thoughts.

Now we will tell you about a beauty that had taken her share of the world's worst curse, Audrey Munson.

Many famous sculptures in New York used her as a model, she played in many films and was the iconic name known as America's first supermodel.

Munson was born in America in 1891, and her mother sent her to New York to live.

The aim, of course, was not innocent as education or self-development, but she wanted to make her a sex icon and make money off of her in the following periods.

Shortly after Munson arrived in New York, she began to meet with agencies and took part in the film industry.

Her first serious acting job was in the movie Inspiration in 1915.

Munson is the first woman to appear naked in silent cinema.

In the later years, her reputation began to spread throughout the world and she became recognized by people as "the first woman to show her tits in a film."

Munson earned almost no money from this movie.

Despite her role in the movie Inspiration and not everyone's interest, she only earned $450.

Munson, who started modeling later, wasn't able to earn the money she wanted from this sector either.

The weekly earnings didn't go over $30. Munson, who earned about $100-150 per month for about 3-4 years, envied the lifestyles of other famous actors and models. But she couldn't reach the success to live that kind of life.

After years of pursuing money and performing at different places, Munson went to Mexico to take her chances outside the United States when she reached the age of 30.

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But she couldn't find success there either, in fact, she had to live in even worse conditions than in the U.S.A.

Munson, who reached the age of 40 and could no longer model or act, returned to New York again.

Munson, whose obsessions were increasing and constantly talking about her beauty and success, couldn't find any work.

Munson, who was kicked out of her house due to lack of money and started living on the streets, repeatedly attempted suicide, and escaped from the hospital many times.

As a last way out, she was placed in St. Lawrence Hospital.

She continued suicide attempts in the mental hospital.

She spent 65 years full of sorrow in the mental hospital and proved the saying 'beauty is the world's worst curse.' When she reached the age of 105, she passed away silently in her bed.

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