The Evolution Of 19 Year Old Bella Hadid
We knew her as the younger sister of Gigi Hadid for a while. Nowadays, she's breaking out of her shell to follow her mother and sister's steps to become a supermodel. We wouldn't expect less from the daughters of Yolanda Hadid now, could we? Bella, the popular model of the fashion shows, had a little accident on the runway recently, but she stole our hearts when she kept smiling even after she fell. Let's see who this beautiful girl actually is.
26 Movie Characters Whose Unusual Hair Color We Love!
We have compiled this list of awesome and unforgettable characters with an unusual hair or wig color. We usually come across such characters in fantasy and sci-fi movies. It isn't easy to pull off such bright colors, but they do it like a boss. Spoiler alert: Yes, there is obviously more than one 'Joker.'
First Agency Polaroids Of 13 Famous Models Will Surprise You!
Vogue revealed casting Polaroids of popular models, which are taken at the first meeting with a magazine. We were struck by the images from their amateur years. Inspired by it, we created a list of famous super model casting Polaroids.
10 Useful Bits Of Style Advice To Hide Your Flaws
Is it possible to look thinner and taller just by choosing the right clothes? But how? Hiding your flaws has never been this easy. With the 'Optical Illusion Technique in Clothing' you can easily hide the parts you don't like in your body. This technique is quite simple: Hide the parts you don't like and emphasize the parts you feel are strong. Ready? Let's roll.