15 Times Celebs Have Worn Next To Nothing On The Red Carpet
People don’t usually wear short shorts, barely-there skirts and plunging necklines. But if you’re preparing to rock the red carpet, anything is possible. And that’s what celebrities do: try the most unusual thing possible!  From the see-through trend to pelvic cleavage, celebs aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. Take a look at these 17 nearly naked celebrities on the red carpet!
20 Clothing Problems Every Big-Boobed Girl Has To Endure!
Fashion industry doesn’t seem to understand how real-life women’s bodies work. If you have small boobs, you probably know how ridiculous some clothes look on you, and if you’re just a bit overweight, you know how some dresses are not designed for you at all. This time we’ll be examining the problems that big-boobed girls have to endure.
16 Times Celebrities Rocked The Underboob Trend
Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid, and more celebs have been spotted sporting the underboob trend. So we can now probably go ahead and say that underboob is the new sideboob! Celebrities are ditching conventional cleavage in favor of the underboob, and here are 16 times they said YES to this trend!
The Unphotoshopped Photo Of Kim Kardashian's Butt Which Caused Her To Lose 100,000 Followers
She is the fifth-most popular celebrity on Instagram with almost 100 million followers, just behind Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. But untouched pictures of Kim Kardashian in her bikini may cost the social media queen her mighty online presence as 100,000 fans have unfollowed her on the picture-sharing site. While she was on holiday in Mexico, the photographs taken showed the difference between her body on her Instagram account and the fans were not happy.
22 Ridiculously Ugly  Items Of Clothing That Also Happen To Be Ridiculously Expensive
We ordinary human beings don’t walk around in bathmats wrapped around our waists, but clearly, some people do. We don’t have reasonable explanations for the clothing items below, and we also don't take responsibility for any damage done to your eyes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Here are 22 ridiculously expensive and ridiculously ugly items of clothing.
28 Men That Prove Beards Are Not Always So Sexy!
Recently, there is this beard thing going on. Guys let their beards grow like crazy. The hot guys, who actually do look good with a beard, that we see all over are to blame. However, please stop thinking that every single man would look good, masculine and attractive with a beard. It is not everybody's thing to pull off.
The Latest And Craziest Fashion Trend: A Camel Toe Underwear!
We are facing one of the strange trends women have recently adopted. These underwear give the appearance of a camel toe, making a situation that normally looks extraordinary like normal. In the content we compiled from Elite Daily, we leave you alone with one of the most stunning crazes of recent times.
20 Popular Trends That Prove We Were Totally Unfair To Emo Culture
You all remember them: From the 2000s to 2010s, Emos were a vastly ridiculed community, although they were one of the most popular subcultures of the day. Members of the community probably felt marginalized and alienated, and we kept making fun of their looks, their music, and in short, their outlook on life. Today’s popular fashion trends, however, prove that they were totally on to something! Here are 20 trends that emos started but we’ve only just recently realized and adopted!
How Umberto Eco Summarizes The 14 Core Principles Of Fascism
The political developments around the world have made the concept of fascism relevant, once again. In history classes, we are told that the reason we study history is to learn lessons from our past so that we don't repeat our mistakes, but ironically enough, history is a sum of mistakes being repeatedEco grew up under Mussolini's fascist regime. There was also Nazi Germany and Franco's dictatorship in Spain. These regimes had something in common: they were all based on oppressive and authoritarian mentalities, and are radical and nationalist political movements. Umberto Eco, the Italian novelist, and critic, summarized 14 basic features of fascism in his article Ur-Fascism in 1995. Do you think that any of this is still valid for our day? How much has changed over the last 22 years?
Game Of Wardrobes: 19 Things Sisters Who Share Clothes Will Understand!
Sisters are the best. Well, maybe not always. We all know or can imagine the drama between sisters who steal clothes from each other. Another thing their parents really don't need. BuzzFeed compiled these points that you can relate to if you have a sister you share clothes with!
The Capsule Wardrobe: Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day
It's time to let you in on a secret that style bloggers and fashion designers have known for years: ’Capsule wardrobe’ refers to the idea of wearing just 10-15 basic things all the time, which will help you cut clutter and save money! What is particularly intriguing is the fact that so-called capsule wardrobe movement continues to gain momentum while more and more successful and famous people are being drawn into it.Here are eight fascinating reasons why this is happening.
25 "Heavy" Stuff Skinny Girls With Huge Breasts Go Through!
Shopping itself is difficult enough for us women. However, it gets incredibly difficult if you have large breasts but a thin figure. You go to every store, see so many t-shirts and tops, and really want to buy one for yourself, but you know you are on an almost impossible mission. You know very well that however many you try on nothing will be a good fit. BuzzFeed feels the pain, so they have compiled these points:
[NSFW] 11 Shocking Banned Fashion Advertisements!
The fashion advertising industry knows how to get attention to promote their work. However, sometimes these visuals can be too edgy and provocative that they disturb many people. Some of these striking ads even had to be banned after making many others uncomfortable at the same time.The following photographs are NSFW and contain graphic images that may disturb some of the audience.
12 Celebs Who Upped Their Game With Nose Piercings
I did look it up and it turns out there are at least 10 different types of nose piercings. You have the septum, bridge, nostril, sept rill, austin bar, and many more. Here, we will see 12 celebrities that achieved a whole different look and aura with their nose piercings. Maybe we can also inspire you to get one!
The Evolution Of 19 Year Old Bella Hadid
We knew her as the younger sister of Gigi Hadid for a while. Nowadays, she's breaking out of her shell to follow her mother and sister's steps to become a supermodel. We wouldn't expect less from the daughters of Yolanda Hadid now, could we? Bella, the popular model of the fashion shows, had a little accident on the runway recently, but she stole our hearts when she kept smiling even after she fell. Let's see who this beautiful girl actually is.