You'll Lose Yourself Laughing At These 24 People Who Trusted Friends And Internet!


Unexpected plot twists, uncountable obstacles, intense emotions, and shocking reveals.... all in one content. Enjoy!

1. So close!

2. It should be a plant not a stick!

3. That's what I call a surprise 😂

4. “I finally gave in and let my daughter get a cat. Turns out she’s allergic!”

5. Is this a Deadpool costume?

6. Bet you didn't expect that!

7. “Today is my lucky day! Oh, wait...”

8. How did the phone end up there?

9. Fashionistas gonna shop!

10. “My wife asked me to help her pick out a color for the bathroom. This is a dead end.”

11. “My friend let me give him a haircut."

12. “I just found out that my son is a 50-year-old man stuck in a 7-year-old’s body.”

13. 😂😂😂

14. “Once I thought it was a good idea to sled down the deck steps. I was wrong.”

15. “Post just arrived. Online shopping sucks."

16. A visit to a vet divided the life of this dog into “before” and “after”.

17. Wtf?!! 😂😂

18. “I just couldn’t get why the water didn’t boil after an hour.”

19. Getting hit by a pumpkin?

20. This is called marketing!

21. "I paid $135 for this mess.”

22. Mickie, is this you?

23. "My bird Enzo who we thought was a boy just laid an egg this morning.’’

24. 😂😂😂

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