You Old Fart! 17 Things You'll Understand If You're The Oldest At Work...

> You Old Fart! 17 Things You'll Understand If You're The Oldest At Work...

You know the generation differences, difficulties of dealing with Gen Y kids, being called “sir”, and how amazed people are when they hear your real age... Let’s face it, you are getting old...

1. Every time you mention your age, people are puzzled and say “No way!” Way!

-Are you really that old?

-No I’m 20, actually I’m using my brother’s ID to get beers...

2. When there is a daunting task ahead of you, everyone immediately offers help...

-Please let me help you

-I’m just putting papers in the…

-Please don’t tire yourself, we will do it for you.

3. When you tell about your memories, they treat you like you are talking about the times BC!

- Wow it should be difficult at those times, did you have mobile phones back then?

- I’m talking about 3 years ago!

4. Your age is always a great topic for jokes.

-When you were born Austria-Hungary Empire was still a thing, right?

-Haha, funny (I’ll kill you).

5. When there is an office party, they will ask you separately if you are joining.

- Do YOU want to join us?

6. The dates of your funniest stories coincides with the birth year of your co-workers.

- We were crazy at that time…

- When was it?

- March 1988

- I wasn't even born back then!

7. No one asks your opinion on tech stuff...

8. But everyone comes to you when they need advice about life.


9. You are the only one to talk to about marriage, having kids, family and so on.

10. When there is a problem at office they always send you to the boss because they know the boss can’t go hard on you.

Everyone respects your age, even the boss.

11. You're always trying to prove you are not “that old”.

- This dance is super cool! Right?

- Yeah, maybe it was cool at the Stone Age...

12. Some more moves…

13. Never accepting the fact that you are too old to try some activities.

I’m done with this. What’s next?

14. But actually you never get why they are having fun at these parties.

WTF. Why there is an inflatable doll in the office?

15. You don’t enjoy office jokes anymore.

You had enough!

16. No more jokes I said.

Am I laughing?

17. You can’t handle foolishness at work anymore...

Or someone's phone ringing in the middle of a meeting!