Worried Much? This Might Be A Sign Of Your Intelligence!


It's commonly accepted that intelligent people have a tendency to suffer from anxiety. The scientific research on this subject shows a strong correlation. But how does this happen?

"An anxious mind is a mind that is researching"


According to scientists, there is a strong connection between anxiety and intelligence. On a recent study, it was found that children with high anxiety levels tend to be more intelligent than those with lower levels. The reason behind this is that anxious people are constantly observing and analyzing their surroundings. These people create theories and scenarios in their mind in order to obtain logical explanations. This eventually creates better reasoning skills and thus increases their overall intelligence.

Intelligent people have higher self-awarness levels.


This one is not necessarily a bad thing. However, this might create disadvantages when it comes to socializing. When a person is extremely aware of their actions, they tend to judge their own actions. This causes the individual to become anxious since they over-analyze their actions in their mind.

Highly intelligent people are more alert to possible dangerous situations.

Research shows that being sensitive to danger can cause anxiety in these people. Though these situations can be considered normal, over-analyzing the situation results in panic and anxiety.

Intelligent individuals tend to think more about other people's emotions and thoughts, according to another study.


These people plan and change their actions for the person they are interacting with. This might cause them to fall apart from who they actually are. People might confuse them for being someone else. This pressure eventually makes the individual sad as they cannot be who they really are in reality.

Intelligent people tend to pick their friends carefully.


These people can make stronger bonds with people who carry the same anxieties as themselves. On the contrary, it makes hard for them to connect with those who don't have any anxieties. It is believed that this is caused by the feeling of not being understood and the feeling of being a minority.

Another problem is the conflict between logic and emotions.

Although intelligent people are successful when it comes to understand the emotions of other people, they tend to focus on logic. Since social relationships depend on emotions, these individuals get confused and become irritated. Not knowing what to do in these social situations can also cause anxiety.

Finally, there is attention to detail and perfectionism.


Another significant characteristic of intelligent people is being a perfectionist. Unfortunately, life is a place where most things are far from being perfect. This makes things extra difficult for intelligent people. These people torture themselves in order to do everything perfectly. However, they are never convinced that they have accomplished something. This causes them to struggle with anxiety and panic.

To conclude, scientific research shows that having anxiety might be a sign of higher intelligence levels. Nevertheless, this doesn't prove that every anxiety is caused by intelligence. There are exceptional cases and it might be wrong to generalize every case.

Like we said in the beginning, "An anxious mind is a mind that is researching."

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