World’s Most Beautiful Women Of 2017 Are Chosen And There Are Two Surprising Names In The Top 10


The Los Angeles-based internet site BuzzNet has launched the results of the "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" poll. Among the 30 most beautiful women in the world identified by the site, there are some surprising names who surpassed other world stars. Make sure you look at the list and tell us who your favorite is.

It's not a surprise that Beyoncé is at the top of the list with her unquestionable beauty!

The most surprising name on the list was the Indian actress and model Priyanka Chopra, who took second place behind Beyonce, leaving behind a number of world famous names.

Chopra, who was named Miss Universe in 2000, thanked supporters via Twitter account and said, "Beyonce is my number 1 too."

On the list with Chopra, who is one of the leading actresses in the movie 'Baywatch' which will come out soon, there is another surprise: a Turkish actress.

Fahriye Evcen, who surpassed world famous names such as Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, and Adriana Lima, took 9th place on the list. 👏

The list of "World's Most Beautiful 30 Women," where Beyonce was first and Priyanka Chopra was second, is as follows:

1. Beyonce

2. Priyanka Chopra

3. Taylor Hill

4. Emma Watson

5. Dakota Johnson

6. Hillary Clinton

7. Margot Robbie

8. Angelina Jolie

9. Fahriye Evcen

10. Alexandra Daddario

11. Victoria Ruffo

12. Emma Stone

13. Gigi Hadid

14. Niki Karimi

15. Ashley Graham

16. Gal Gadot

17. Blake Lively

18. Amanda Cerny

19. Adriana Lima

20. Haifa Wehbe

21. Michelle Obama

22. Oprah Winfrey

23. Elizaveta Boyarskaya

24. Ronda Rousey

25. Manuela Arcuri

26. Anne Curtis

27. Naomi Campbell

28. Taraneh Alidoosti

29. Alicia Vikander

30. Mozhdah Jamalzadah

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