Women Who Love to Poop, Unite! - 18 Facts About You If You're One of Us


There is no shame in pooping. Maybe you can't really start your day without that first poop. Maybe you have two poop breaks scheduled into your day.  Are you not afraid of using the word poop? If you (sometimes) dream about a good poop, this article is just for you!

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1. You hate all those "Women don't poop" jokes.

#proud of the smell, too.

2. You are not afraid of talking about poop.

It is important to you, so why not talk about it?

3. Actually, you talk about all the details.

You may or may not have snapchatted it in the past.

4. You are not ashamed of people knowing what happened in there.

5. In fact, you sometimes announce it before it happens.

6. Because you are simply proud of your poopability.

7. You have a poop schedule.

... and you don't like it to change.

8. If you haven't gone in a while, you become a different person.

Don't talk to me when I am hungry, angry, tired, or waiting-for-my-poop.

9. Because there is nothing as rewarding as dropping that big one.

10. You have friends you can text about your poop with.

11. You have poop art.

12. Your favorite emoji is poop.

13. You have poop accessories.

14. As they say, drop it, and leave. 😏

15. And you won't deal with any more of the sexist BS about poop.

16. Just remember, there is nothing shameful about poop.

17. Keep on pooping on!

To love your poop is to love yourself.

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