Want To Delete Your Internet Presence? This Website Will Help You Vanish!


Our celebration of the age of information seems to have been short-lived. It didn’t take very long for us to realize how destructive information can be: As there are more and more fake news, toxic speech, online scams and of course, cyberstalking, many people are now worried about their privacy and they want to delete themselves from the Internet to be a little more comfortable. If you’re one of them, here’s a handy tool for you: Deseat.me!

Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck designed this internet deletion site as a place for people to "clean up your internet presence."

To use Deseat.me, you should first log in using a Google account. Then, once it knows your email address, it can find any accounts that have been linked in any way to that Google account.

All you need to do is to hit the “detonate” button.


It takes some time for it to erase your web presence. It scans through your email archives to find sign-up confirmation messages from various services.

So there comes the question: Does Deseate.me violate my privacy?


Dahlbo and Unnebäck say they take the privacy of users seriously and that the program runs on the user's computer, rather than their servers.

"So basically the only thing you're telling us is what accounts you want to delete. That's it," they say. The website uses Google's security protocol, which means it doesn't gain access to users' login information.

Deseat.me is fairly limited at the moment.


It requires users to have a Google email address that is used for all of your online accounts. So for those ancient MySpace and Bebo accounts that you signed up for with a Hotmail address, you'll need to go to the websites yourself and delete your account.

It also hasn't managed to retrieve account deletion information from every service yet so some appear with a greyed out delete button.


And it may never work for smaller sites. That said, it does already work with most major websites that users would be likely to have accounts with, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote.

If you think this website isn’t good enough for you, here are a few more ways to become a little less visible on the Internet. For starters, google your name.


In case you have a myspace account from your 16-year-old self, it’s a good way of remembering it. Getting rid of it is up to you, of course.

Don’t use social media at all if you’re not comfortable enough about them.


Most of the social media websites allow you to deactivate your account, but logging in is enough for them to activate it. In case you’re considering using deseat.me, remember that your social media accounts should be synchronized with your Google account. Otherwise, the website can’t delete them.

Take a closer look at your smartphone.


Get rid of the applications you don’t use, delete unnecessary messages, and photos. Clear your caches. Don’t check in everywhere.

In sum, be more cautious about your web presence in every sense.


Talk to people and find out what’s not currently under your control. Because you’re not the only one sharing things about you. There might be other people sharing information about you on social media, tagging you on their photos, or even generating fake news with your name.

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