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Ultimate Revenge: Woman Loses 149lb After Break-Up!

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Christine Carter reinvented herself, just to get revenge from her ex-boyfriend!

This is Christine Carter!

28 year old Christine from Dallas had a serious weight problem in the past.

The reason behind her problem was no other than her ex-boyfriend!

Her ex was super jealous of her and he found a solution to keep her by motivating her to eat more.

Christine was under a lot of pressure by her boyfriend who intervened in everything she did.

Christine shares her experience on US Weekly:

“I would be eating a meal, and thinking about my next meal. I was spending over $2,000 on food, by myself."

Although she was never skinny, the significant change in her eating habits has caused her to become obese.

Christine decides to change her life after a humiliating family dinner. Her uncle didn't even recognize her because of the extreme weight she gained.

She had gastric sleeve weight loss surgery but this wasn't enough.

Although she began to lose weight rapidly, in time she started to gain weight again. However, she didn't accept this and signed up to a gym. She started working out with a special trainer. She began to eat healthy and did a lot of exercise. She claims:

"At that point I realized I needed to take my life to the next level."

She has lost 149lb in 16 months!

She stopped smoking and eating junk food on her journey to a healthier life.

She has broken up with her boyfriend too.

“My ex was a controlling person. He constantly told me what to wear. After a while, I realized that he wanted me to gain weight just because he doesn't want to me to break up with him. He had low self esteem and he was extremely jealous." 

"I realized our relationship wasn't healthy for me. That's why I broke up with him and got my revenge."

She is having the best time of her life now!

Christine has something to say to all of us!

"Choose your least favorite feature and don't stop until you change it. You'll be much more happy when you start to solve your problems!"

We congratulate this super strong lady who has chosen to be more happy and healthy! 👏

If you want to check out Christine's inspiring story click here.

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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