Trumped! TIME's Person Of The Year 2016: Donald Trump...


This time, America made him great! As the White House prepares for the brand new adventures to come, TIME magazine's Person of the Year award found its new winner: Donald John Trump...

Let's take a closer look at Donald Trump's election story and see what gave him the edge.

Donald Trump got together with the editors of TIME magazine for a photoshoot and had a detailed cover story interview done.

The meeting, of course, was held at the ever glorious Trump Tower.

He fed on the hatred and vulgarity of others for strength and built his own empire bit by bit.

For all of Trump’s public life, tastemakers and intellectuals have dismissed him as a vulgarian and carnival barker, a showman with big flash and little substance. But what those critics never understood was that their disdain gave him strength.

Ruthless, his methods were ruthless...

Trump was always fierce and aggressive. Be them good or very, VERY bad, he offered solutions to problems some people were never even aware of. 

His clear solution to the greatest job theft in history: "I alone can fix it..."

TIME gives him credit for trying a first in US politics history.

The cover story continues: "Instead of painting a bright vision for a unified future, he magnified the divisions of the present, inspiring new levels of anger and fear within his country. Whatever you think of the man, this much is undeniable: he uncovered an opportunity others didn’t believe existed, the last, greatest deal for a 21st-century salesman."

Winning the hearts of the American workforce.

The cover story gives interesting insights into what people saw in Trump. 

Rick Mengel, a 69-year-old retired pipefitter had this to say about Trump and Obama: 

I hoped for change and never saw it, I watched jobs go away, and any jobs that came in were at McDonald’s. I’m not knocking McDonald’s, but it’s a starter job. It doesn’t make the car or house payments.”

The cover story concludes with what Hillary missed in her campaign that Trump took advantage of.

"History will record that Clinton foresaw the economic forces that allowed Trump to win. What she and her team never fully understood was the depth of the populism Trump was peddling..." TIME says.

Like it or not, Donald John Trump is here to stay and without a doubt the name we might have heard the most in 2016...

Interview and photos credit: TIME

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