Time To Meet The Real Thor: Lasse L. Matberg


Celebrity lookalikes are always fun. But what if you looked like the god of thunder, Thor himself?! Boys and girls, we give you Norway's hottest

Warning: This post might make you buy a one way ticket to Norway!

1. Meet Lasse Matberg.

2. He is 30 years old.

3. He is an officer in the Norwegian navy.

4. He is just fucking BEAUTIFUL.

5. I mean look at that bun...

6. ...and that beard.

7. He is definitely not your everyday beard & man bun hipster.

8. It's obvious that the northern gods favored him.

9. We tried so hard to find a flaw on him.

10. We couldn't.

11. For those who wonder: He is 6'6 tall.

12. We are glad that he shares his photos on Instagram.

13. He has 449k followers there. This number is increasing everyday.

14. Some people have proposed to him on social media.

15. Some even say that they want to have his baby!

16. Most people thinks that he is a gift from above.

17. BTW you might not believe this, but he is still SINGLE!!!!

You have a chance of 1 in 449k.

18. So stop whatever you are doing and buy that ticket to Norway.

19. You'll meet a true viking.

20. Don't feel sad if you do not come across him if you do go there.

21. We can assure you that it's possible to find many other handsome men out there.

22. And finally, if you are feeling bad about yourself after seeing him..

23. ... now that we all do!

24. Bonus: A puppy!!!

25. We hope he'll have a life as beautiful as him!!!

And don't forget to check his instagram account for more!!! https://www.instagram.com/lasselom/?hl=en 😍😍

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