This Is What Happens When Twins Marry Twins!


Twins getting married to twins? Does this sound weird to you? Well, it's not weird at all. Actually there are many twins that are married to other twins. Here are 23 of these lucky people! What is more interesting here is that the children of these twin couples also look like each other!!

1. An old photograph from history

2. The male twins don't seem very happy about this!

3. Twin couples with an 80s vibe!

4. Almost symmetrical!

5. A wedding from the UK

6. Another copy-paste couple from the 90s.

7. The guy on the left is already tired of these group photos.

8. These fellas look great!

9. Twin love can occur at any age!

10. The flower bouquets have different colors so that the people would know who is who!

11. Even the kids look like each other!

12. Someone's not approving these group photos!

13. At first sight, I thought it was a mirror reflection.

14. Can't tell which one is my mother!

15. Do you still insist on wearing the same clothes at that age?

16. Marriage causes anxiety in some people.

17. A traditional Indian wedding!

18. As you can see, twin marriages have been happening for ages!

19. From Russia with love

20. This one is from Turkey!

21. They seem to be very happy!

22. The brides couldn't manage to make the men wear the same clothes!

23. It must be confusing to figure out who is who from time to time.
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