This Crazy Theory Suggests That People With RH Negative Blood Are Aliens!


A strange theory boiling the internet recently claims that people with RH negative blood could belong to an extraterrestrial lineage, or maybe they are fallen angels, who knows...


The theory is simple...

Negative blood types do not carry the genes of rhesus monkeys which are thought to be the ancestors of humans, so they  probably come from somewhere else.

There are four known types of blood

What makes them different from each other are the proteins they carry on the surface of the blood.

10-15% of humans do not have these proteins so they have negative blood types.

Scientists claim that negative blood types may have first emerged 35 thousands years ago.

According to the theory, this blood type should have first emerged in small clans and spread to the world from then on.

40-45% of Europeans have negative blood types. In Afro-Americans, however, the percentage is only 1.

Some of the characteristics of people with negative blood types are sensitivity to temperature, high IQ levels and low body temperature.

Also, mothers who have negative blood types may have problems delivering babies.

If a mother with a negative blood type carries a fetus with positive blood, the mother’s metabolism may see the fetus as a threat and start fighting it.

Therefore, mothers with negative blood type are recommended to have babies after certain medical procedures.

Now let’s remember all those bizarre theories suggesting that the aliens are among us and they’ve been living in our civilization for hundreds of years.

Do you think is it possible that the reason some people have negative blood types is that they were kidnapped by aliens???

What was the fetus’s fault with negative blood?

Does mother’s metabolism think that it is carrying an alien inside??? 😱

No way, right?

Let’s leave this one to the experts...

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