This Couple Gave The Best Answer To The Haters


Mzznaki Tetteh is a nurse living in Ghana.

She just got engaged to Koja Amoah, a construction worker.

They were happy and never hesitated to share it with their friends.

They posted photos from their engagement day on their social media accounts.

Everything was normal, until they shared this one!

Kojo lifts his fiance Mzznaki and they look pretty happy.

This cute photo got many comments with love and heart emojis.

But there were also people making fun of Mzznaki by leaving body-shaming comments.

Mzznaki couldn’t stand these hateful comments about her body and responded with an Instagram post.

Kojo also supported his dearest fiance with his posts on Facebook.

Their strong and supportive love against haters has inspired many people.

Thousands of people supported their love.

Mzznaki’s followers started to increase after the incident.

The couple was also surprised by the huge amount of public attention.

We wish the very best for this inspiring, cute and strong couple!

Hope your love only gets bigger..

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