This Artist Draws Emotions That “Can't Be Expressed By Words”


22-year-old artist Ahmed Awad experiments with feelings through art. “Eritrea Studio” is his “creative child” and the main idea behind it is to “express a specific emotion, feeling or a situation that you can't normally express with words” as he says. His works focus on love, gender equality, politics, and pain. Bored Panda published some of his amazing drawings, and here are 31 of them!


1. Don't Let Me Go

2. My Space

3. Overthinking

4. A Night To Remember 2

5. Universal Problems

6. You Are My Drugs

7. I Don't Care

8. A Night To Remember

9. The Illusion

10. Melancholy

11. Sh...

12. Untitled

13. Sleep

14. Nothing Good To See

15. We Live In A Prison - Like Home

16. Shiny Night

17. The Heart Kiss

18. Memories

19. Play Me

20. Untitled

21. New Black

22. Overthinking

23. My Queen

24. Untitled

25. Untitled

26. Untitled

27. Untitled

28. Untitled

29. Love Is Not Forbidden

30. Distances Dilemma

31. Inside Your Mouth Honey, And I Love It
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