These 23 First-World Anarchists Don’t Follow The Rules, They Make The Rules!


Let us introduce you the true revolutionaries of the modern world, who don’t give a damn about your rules. No matter how hard you try to convince them that the world relies on rules and regulations to run in an orderly fashion, they’ll probably tell you to just f*ck off. Because yes, they’re their own masters. Here are those 23 rebels to inspire you today.

1. "I am the family dog and and the family cat and the family everything of this family. Problem?"

2. Trolling like a pro.

3. Buy 7, get 2 free.

4. So close.

5. Here's a liberated soul. 🙈

6. "I don't follow rules, I make them."

7. "My profile is better that my right profile."

8. "It works the same way. So WHY BOTHER?"

9. I hope you'll end up alone, whoever did this. This is a crime against humanity. 🍕

10. "Omg... Busted... Again..." 🐻

11. "I do what I want." 👨👩👦👧

12. "I dare you to drive over me."

13. Art knows no boundaries. Kind of.

14. "Who else is gonna hold my precious little boy's hand? Who?"

15. Smog on the water. ☘

16. "To hell with your arrows."

17. Anarchy in the police department.

18. "Twisting off is for babies."

19. "This is a lie. Everything's a lie. We're all gonna die."

20. "Works perfectly fine for me..."

21. "Best dunker of the day. 😒"

22. There's gonna be a revolution.

23. "Because those are my eyes."

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