The World's 25 Happiest Countries! :)


Happiness is a very relative term as we know it. But, just like every year, the UN managed to pull together another amazing World Happiness Report. Guess what? Scandinavia is far ahead in the lead, AGAIN! The report uses facts ranging from GDP per capita, dystopia, social support, life expectancy and more. 

Do you belong in the top 25? Let us know with your answers at the end of the list!

If you want the full report, you can find it here:

25. Panama

24. Chile

23. United Kingdom

22. Singapore

21. Mexico

20. Luxembourg

19. Ireland

18. Belgium

17. Brazil

16. Germany

15. Puerto Rico

14. Costa Rica

13. United States

12. Austria

11. Israel

10. Sweden

9. Australia

8. New Zealand

7. Netherlands

6. Canada

5. Finland

4. Norway

3. Iceland

2. Switzerland

1. Denmark

Yet again, Danes prevail...

Do you live in the top 25 happiest countries of the world?

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