The Ultimate Revenge On Her Discriminating Boss!


When June Rivas had a conflict with her boss about her headscarf and clothing style, she took an unexpected turn! She started wearing Cosplay costumes to work!! Check out her story below!!!

This is June Rivas!

This was how June looked until her boss warned her to change her style and accused her of not looking "professional."

Challenge accepted!

June defended herself with the company's dress code. June states that the only statement about the clothing is "Wearing clean and ironed clothes." When she failed to convince her boss, she filed a complaint with the Labor Department.

This wasn't enough for the boss!

June's boss changed the regulations of the workspace and prohibited headscarfs, hats and bandanas.

Revenge is a dish best served cold!

June takes things one step further when she found out those regulations didn't cover costumes, hair and colorful contacts: She started going to work in costumes!

She is now wearing a different costume everyday!

She is publishing her daily looks on Facebook...

We admire this woman's enthusiasm!

Go girl!

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