The Secret Behind The Shocking Beauty Trend: Shaving Women!


It is hard to believe, but there are women who shave their faces in the world and the reason isn't to get rid of unwanted facial hair....

This famous magazine was published with this cover in 1965. The person you see on the cover is Virna Lisi, one of the celebrities of the time.

The reason why the magazine preferred this cover was to draw attention to the fact that women were becoming more and more masculine. Nowadays, such photos and pictures are becoming more and more popular among women all around the world, but why?

Some of you may not know this beauty secret: shaving your face

There have been rumors about Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shaving secretly in order to improve their skin.

The starting point is pretty simple, actually: getting rid of the unwanted hair.

This is one of the many reasons why women shave their face. Some of them, who are sick of waxing, epilators, etc. start to shave.

We are revealing the big secret! Shaving your face delays aging!

I can kinda hear you saying "Come on, no f*cking way!" but we have a very scientific answer indeed.

During shaving, collagen production increases, more collagen means less aging.

Especially in Japan, shaving your face is very popular among women.

They even gave it a special name: Kao Sori.

There are lots of Kao Sori salons all over Japan.

Women, who wish to be shaved, frequent these salons.

Are you ready for another beauty secret? Shaving your face helps you get rid of the dead skin layer!

Getting rid of the dead skin layer on your face really speeds up the regeneration of the skin. That's why this is getting more and more popular among women.

Another upside of shaving your face is that it gets rid of blackheads!!!

It sounds better than it did at the beginning, right? :) Yes, shaving your face opens the pores and makes your skin cleaner, and even makes it easier for you to apply make up!

Biggest of the worries: What if our facial hair gets darker and thicker?

That doesn't tend to happen with women as much as it does with men. It will take you a very long time until your facial hair becomes more men's-beard-like.

According to English scientists, the method is correct and you can delay aging!

The results of the research conducted in England suggest that shaving keeps the face skin fresh. That's the reason why when shaving, men and women of the same age are compared, men's skin looks better and firmer.

What do you say? :)

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