The Piglet That Was Thought To Be Mini And Adopted Is Now 661 POUNDS!


The pig that a Canadian couple thought of as a miniature (and certainly not) is now more than 661 pounds. According to the report, that we compiled from BuzzFeed, the fate of the pig would have been very different if the couple hadn't adopted it. :( Let's see how this couple got themselves into having a 661 lbs pig trouble.

Meet Derek Walter (on the left) and Steve Jenkins (on the right).

They live in Canada.

The couple thought that the pig they adopted, Esther, was a mini pig.

Turns out that was absolutely not the case. 😂

Holy cow! I mean, pig!😱😱

Jenkins said that the vet noticed little Esther’s cropped tail on her first visit.

That’s when they discovered that their new pig was for sure not going to be miniature. “It’s a very common practice to cut [pigs] tails off on commercial farms,” said Jenkins.

The couple tracked their new pig’s growth.

“She was growing at a pound a day at the fastest,” Walter said.

Esther is big but beloved.

“Her intelligence surpassed the dogs instantly,” Walter said.

Inspired by the fate that could have awaited their pet, the couple began Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary.

The ~saved~ animals sleep outside of the house.

But Esther sleeps indoors with her forever family.

Esther is happy with her pig family. 😍😍

Extraordinary but cute.

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