The Only Problem You Can't Solve In A Relationship: They Don't Love You Anymore

> The Only Problem You Can't Solve In A Relationship: They Don't Love You Anymore

The one and only problem that a relationship cannot hold is the fact that other person is not in love with you anymore.

1. Because if they don't love you, they don't love you. They probably won't be able to love you again. What are you going to do, ask them to love you back?

2. We're not saying that they are better off with another person. We're just saying that they are going to be more happy without you.

Are you going to convince them to be happy with you?

3. You can't run away from them not loving you. They don't have to love you back.

This is very natural, only you have to accept it.

4. You can't have a fight about them not loving you... Are you going to yell at them to love you again?

5. You can't stop them whatever you do.

6. This is not a war you can fight and win. This is a war you'll win when you actually give up.

7. They are going to leave and, if they stay it will be a living hell for you.

8. They are going to leave you as if you're food that has gone bad. They won't hesitate a second.

They are not cruel. They just don't love you anymore.

9. You are going to run to your best friends to pour your feelings out. It's not the end of the world! Your friends love you!

That's what friends are for?

10. Don't fall into the trap of self-care to win them back. Treat yourself but just for your own good. Not for getting them back.

Dance courses, healthy diets or intensive skin care sessions should be only for you. Those are not going to help you win them back.

11. Your significant other is gone. Maybe not physically, but emotionally they are not capable of being with you anymore. Their minds are far far away from loving you.

Cry all you want but don't torture yourself.

12. They'll be better off without you. Maybe they'll shine brighter. What else can they do?

This is the reason why you SHOULD move on immediately. There's no way to make them love you again.

13. This will hurt. A LOT. However, even this pain will fade away some day. At least, science says so.

There will be other people who will love you. Moreover, you are going to love them. Just believe in this fact and you'll be okay.

14. Think about the times you get angry and you can't stand even being in the same room with them.

Most probably, you would run away so that they could never find you.

15. Being single is not worse than being with someone who doesn't love you back. If they are not strong enough to leave you, leave them. Spend time with your friends and lick your wounds. After a while, you'll be just fine.

However, don't forget to respect other people's right to leave a relationship if that is making them unhappy. If you can see the situation from this perspective, it will be much less painful.