The Obamas Always Pay Their Debts: What Happened When President Obama's Card Was Declined?


Imagine that you're sitting on one of the most powerful seats in the world and running a country. You have such a high power that even other country's leaders ask you what to do. Then imagine one day you decide to go to a restaurant with your wife and bodyguards, and what's that? Your credit card is declined! So much for being powerful. Let's see how the story went down.


A user on Quora told a story most people don’t know about Presidents Obama's visit to their restaurant Estela in NYC.

According to the story, when Obama was still the president, he and his wife Michelle went there for dinner

The secret service politely placed themselves in the kitchen and asked multiple questions about the meal and the staff's night while the food was being prepared.

Everything seemed fine.

The food gets ready and comes to the table, but one of their servers was nervous enough to actually spill hot tea on the President during his meal.

He was a great sport about the situation and even made jokes about it to lighten the server up.

Then came bill time. President Obama placed his credit card on the bill and our server went to process the payment.


Yes, you heard it right. The waitress politely said something to the notion of, “Mr. President, your card has been declined.

Michelle and President Obama had a good laugh with the server and Michelle reached into her purse and provided her credit card for payment.

Before leaving the restaurant, the President told the server, “I won't tell anyone you spilled tea on me, if you don’t tell anyone my card was declined.”

Everyone laughed and took a group photo outside our restaurant together. Since that night, that server and all the employees have told everyone about the declined card and the spilled hot tea around a million times.

Even the President himself mentioned the dinner and his declined card during a short interview once.

So yea, the President pays even when his card is declined. :)

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